The reasons why people give up on a particular online radio station

There are some concrete and relevant reasons that lead a “radio broadcaster” or radio entertainer to leave a web radio in xats or other types of rooms.

First and foremost, we have to understand that this type of online radio exists only and exclusively for fun and nothing too serious, all radio-broadcasters are volunteers and no one is paid to be there, because in fact no one is a professional broadcaster (or at least the majority is not), and people only come to this radios and xats to have fun.

Now let’s go to the starting points to understand once and for all the reasons for the departure or withdrawal of a radio animator and help them to take an attitude towards those who volunteer on these web radios (Note that we are only talking about radios in

1 – Work and professional life
I speak from my own experience, and I’ve been to places of this type where one of the sovereign rules was the constant stay inside a xat room. Basically, I couldn’t have a life of my own because the administrator thought the radio would go far if all the animators stayed in the room as long as possible even if there were no listeners or other colleagues. Needless to say, we all have a life outside of xats and this isn’t what puts food on our table or pays our bills.

2 – Misunderstandings
Many go there to play, tell jokes and talk about everything and anything else, always in a good mood… when suddenly someone feels attacked by a comment that wasn’t even directed at the individual in question. A “war” is created that until now did not exist. Some are banned, others never appear again. Once again, broadcasters and listeners are lost.

3 – Imposition of rules
Once again, everyone is a volunteer when they decide to join these spaces and availability depends on each person’s lifestyle. There are transmission schedules that must be adhered to, but only if this does not affect everyone’s personal life. Most have jobs with fixed hours, so it is possible to make a transmission at a certain time on pre-stipulated days with the administrator.
On the other hand, there are people whose jobs do not have a fixed schedule, so the person makes his radio transmission when possible.
There are administrators who do not understand this point and it may be one of the reasons why people give up being on an online radio.
There are also other requirements such as playing only one style of music, staying in the room all day or leaving your “coat” there, staying only on a certain radio station and not visiting other xat rooms, and so on.
Of course, every entity must have its rules for its proper functioning, but some are too much.

4 – Exclusivity
This is the part that pisses me off the most because I think we are all free to be where we want and when we want. Especially when it comes to rooms. I and many other colleagues I know have already been thrown out of these rooms because of visiting others where we had friends, or where the music was different, and for that reason alone we could not re-enter to the point of being banned.
And as mentioned in point 3, there are administrators who don’t want broadcasters to visit or broadcast in other xat and radio rooms, they want exclusivity, but they also do little to keep those there.

5 – Persecution mania
I once had a radio station of my own and I felt more comfortable broadcasting on others because the intention was to promote my voice and show a little of what I know how to do. Since it didn’t make sense to have my own radio for various reasons, I offered to help at Top60Olhão. I even made some transmissions and helped with the technical part.
Until one day the owner “discovered” that I had a webradio, which I never hid from anyone, and I confirmed that yes but that it was to finish. From that day on, I was never seen with good eyes, I ended up being insulted for no reason by the administrator, and no matter how much I tried to make my point of view understood, he never wanted to understand.
For some reason he still follows Clave24’s Facebook page.
This is where points 2, 3 and 4 come into play, and everyone can see why.

6 – Number of listeners
Who doesn’t like an audience when a theater play is being performed? Or a concert, a football match, etc.?
It’s the same with radio entertainers, everyone wants and likes to have an audience, which is completely normal. If I enter a xat room as a radio host and I don’t see anyone there, it’s very likely that I don’t even broadcast on that day or time and I leave the room.
Our performance is important, but it is up to radio administrators to take measures to ensure that there are audiences when an entertainer is presenting a show.
Quite honestly, I personally don’t stream to less than 5 people.

Conclusion of the story: these are just 5 reasons why people sometimes avoid xats and radios in these spaces. although xats and radios started to appear with more influx about 17 years ago, there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of creativity to unravel.

But if the web radios, administrators and xat rooms continue in these ideologies, the same thing will happen as happened to Radio Vertente, which has been abandoned after 13 years.

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