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The Clave24 was a project created on January 1st, 2022. Initially it was a online radio station with “Radio” brand at the beginning and with the aim to broadcast in Portuguese for 24 hours.

Later in August 2022, it was decided that it would be better idea to end the online radio and continue with articles, while also promoting bands.

On first week of January 2024 I decided to change the name from Clave24 to Portugal Music, this website name have more to do with the subject witch is portuguese music.

About Portuguese bands and singers

When we post about Portuguese bands and singers, we are not taking over their music, texts, images or other content. What we are doing is spreading them throughout the world and making known the best that is made in terms of music in our country.

The site is in English so that it is possible to provide further information about the artists and to get to know more about our musical culture to other countries around the word.

Podcasts or recorded shows

Since the administrator of this site is motivated by the love of doing radio, and since it is not always possible to be on time and on the right days, the idea arose of creating recorded programs and distributing them to some other online radio stations.
In this way, our voice is promoted and whoever wants to can listen to the programs whenever possible at any time and day.

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