The beginningThe story of Ibéria begins in Baixa da Banheira in 1978, when 3 kids aged 10/11 started playing guitar. João Alexandre Marques, João Sérgio […]

Ricardo Ribeiro

Ricardo Alexandre Paulo Ribeiro was born on August 19, 1981, in Lisbon. He was raised in Bairro da Ajuda, having started singing at the age […]

Fernando Cunha

Fernando Manuel da Silva Gomes Ribeiro da Cunha, better known as Fernando Cunha (Lisbon, July 18, 1963) is a Portuguese guitarist, producer and composer, who […]

Amor Electro

Amor Electro is a Portuguese band formed in Lisbon in 2010. They mix rock music (with some electronic elements) with traditional Portuguese music, using some typical instruments such as the accordion and the Portuguese guitar.

DJ Alex Santos

Alex Santos also known as Alex S, born in Coimbra on April 26, 1975. Is a Portuguese DJ, musician and music producer. He began his […]