Pedro E Os Apóstolos

Source: The leader of the Pedro e os Apostolos project, Pedro de Freitas Branco, played his first chords on a Fender Telecaster owned by […]

Miguel & André

It was at the end of the 90s that the first Portuguese romantic duo emerged – Miguel and André, who, from the beginning of their […]

Ana Free

Ana Free, stage name of Ana Gomes Ferreira (Lisbon, June 29, 1987), is a Portuguese singer and songwriter, who has had a series of Top […]


In 1993, in Porto, Rui Fernandes, ex-member of Ban and Zero, joined Pedro Saraiva (ex-Culto da Ira and X-Position) with a view to forming a […]

Pedro Khima

Pedro Khima: a multifaceted Portuguese music artist. Pedro Khima is one of the most recognized names in contemporary Portuguese music. With a career that spans […]

Dj Ride

It is necessary to invent a new scale, something that can adequately serve to measure the resounding advances that DJ Ride’s career has made since […]