ADN / Alexandre Garrett

A member of Porto’s musical movement in the second half of the 80s, Alexandre Garrett began his musical journey in bands with Face Oculta. Benefiting […]

Actvs Tragicvs

Taking its name from a cantata by Johan Sebastian Bach (written as a funeral requiem), Actvs Tragicvs will emerge, during the year 1985, in Almada. […]

Bernardo Devlin

Born in Lisbon, Bernardo Devlin took his first steps in music around 1985 when he was part of the projects Lourenço Marques and As Suas […]

Aqui D’El Rock

A dance group called Osiris, formed by four members living in Lisbon, became one of the first punk music groups in Portugal: Aqui d’El Rock. […]

André Indiana

Born in Porto, André Indiana is a vocalist, writer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, having gained public exposure in the Portuguese music industry in 2001. With Led […]