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4Taste is a Portuguese rock band, composed by David Gama (bass), Francisco Borges (drums), Luke d’Eça (vocals and guitar) and Nelson Patrão (guitar).

All of them had joined other bands before 4Taste, Nelson and David, who played in “The Starvan”, even played at the Vilar de Mouros festival, in 2005. The band joined in March 2006 and the 1st The homonymous CD was released on the 27th of November of the same year, reaching the first platinum on the opening day. It reached 1st place in the National Top, where it stayed for several weeks, and ended up winning 4 platinum, with more than 80,000 records sold. The following year, on August 13, 2007, the band’s first CD/DVD was released, recording the concert in Campo Pequeno (February 4, 2007). The first concert abroad took place on October 6, 2007, in Schlieren – Zurich (Switzerland).

They released the 2nd CD of originals, “Take 2″, on May 5, 2008 and the song chosen as the presentation single was “Diz-me Que Sim (Melhor Aqui)”. It reached 11th place in the National Top in just a few weeks and had a direct entry to 14th place in the Top in the week of release. The launch party took place on the 27th of May 2008, again at Hard Rock Café Lisbon, and had the special participation of José Cid, who took the stage to sing with 4Taste the version they had made of “A Minha Música”, original song by José Cid.

4Taste: The Rock of a generation that asks for its return

Never has the return of the bands that marked our childhood been so desired as in recent times. Last April, the return of D’ZRT sold out for four days in a row what is the largest concert hall in the country: the Altice Arena.

And it is in this wave of nostalgia that many ask themselves: when will 4Taste return? 17 years have passed since the formation of 4Taste, in 2006, in the middle of the 3rd season of Morangos com Açúcar, which was at the height of its influence on the young audience. They were the first and only musical group formed in the series that took on a more Rock & Roll side, which, to date, little or nothing was represented in the soundtrack of Morangos Com Açúcar.

One of the biggest challenges for a band formed in a fictional context in a television series is to get away from that label and assert itself in the real world as a band that makes quality music. In the case of 4Taste, there is no doubt that this quality was always present and that they paved the way for a new vision of Rock and for its “normalization” in a television context.

With 4Taste, a new generation of fans was born. Many of these fans, like the band members – Luke D’Eça, Nélson Patrão, David Gama, and Francisco Borges – are, nowadays, in their 30s, but they don’t forget the adolescence spent listening to Never Say Never or Tell me yes. The band, which released two original albums in 2006 and 2008 with 4Taste and Take 2, currently has almost 56,000 listeners per month on Spotify, fueling the flame of a generation that remains active and does not forget the essence of Rock.

In a recent interview, 4Taste vocalist Luke D’Eça, who is still connected to music, was asked about a possible band reunion and return to the big Portuguese stages. Not ruling out that possibility in the future, he says that in order to be able to give fans the show they deserve, they need to have time, something that professional life doesn’t always allow. Surprised by the impact that 4Taste still has on Portuguese music, he admits to being proud of the songs he produced with his colleagues during the band’s journey.

As they say, “hope is the last to die”, so for us, 4Taste fans, we can only hope that the band follows the same path as D’ZRT and announces its return so that we can return to relive the memories of a time that never comes back.

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