Ala Dos Namorados

Ala dos Namorados is a Portuguese musical group created in 1992 by João Gil, Manuel Paulo, and João Monge, who were later joined by José Moz Carrapa. The group discovered Nuno Guerreiro, in a show by Carlos Paredes, and invited him to join the cast.

Its name comes from the famous Battle of Aljubarrota, in which the Portuguese defeated the Castilians, in which one of the wings in favor of the Kingdom of Portugal had this designation because it was formed by young fighters.


Ala dos Namorados was created in 1992, based on songs by João Gil, João Monge and Manuel Paulo. Ala was very successful in the 90s, having performed several times in festivals outside Portugal.

After the release of the album Alma, Moz Carrapa left the band, leaving only João Gil, Manuel Paulo and Nuno Guerreiro.

In 1998, the album Solta-se o Beijo was released, which went platinum. Cristal is released in 2000. This album was certified gold.

For some time the band members dedicate themselves to other projects. In 2004, a DVD and a CD was released, Ala dos Namorados Ao Vivo No São Luíz.

João Gil leaves to form the Gil Philharmonic. In 2007, with Mário Delgado as guitarist and with songs by João Monge and Manuel Paulo, also responsible for the production, the group edits Mentiroso Normal. In December 2008, the group ceased activity, after 15 years of career.

In early 2012, in connection with a concert around João Monge’s work, they got together again, and the desire to play the group’s songs arose.

They marked the group’s 20th anniversary, in September 2012, with a concert at B. LEZA with the participation of Alexandre Frazão, Mário Delgado, Zé Nabo and Ruben Santos and special guests such as João Gil and José Moz Carrapa.

In 2013, the CD Razão de Ser was released, with the re-recording of several of his best-known songs, with the participation of some well-known musicians, such as António Zambujo and Jorge Palma.

In December 2014 they released a new CD of originals, “Felicidade”, distributed by Farol. It has again the lyrics of João Monge to which one is added by Carlos Tê and three by José Fialho Gouveia.

The Portuguese pop songbook from the mid-20th century was the basis for the recording of the album “Vintage”, which will be released soon. “Olhos Browns”, “Noites da Madeira”, “Ele e Ela”, “Pet animals”, “Letters of love” or “Fadinho da Tia Maria Benta”, are some of the themes that are part of the collective imagination of the Portuguese and that Ala dos Namorados set out to bring to their musical universe.The disc includes four original songs within the same “vintage” harmony that will be an integral part of the concerts.

The group is currently composed only of Manuel Paulo and Nuno Guerreiro, which is joined by other guest musicians.

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