Album Electricidade (Electricity)

In the early 1990s, Rádio Cidade dominated most radio sets for teenagers in Portugal with its irreverent and diverse programming, and one of the favorite programs by the staff was Electricidade.

They were dance songs, at a time when many of us were starting to know this totally unknown world, or they were just remixes of songs that were in rage, all presented by a charismatic and engaging speaker. It didn’t take long for cd’s to start appearing after cd’s with the best songs of this program, and the one from 95 and 97 are still some of the favorites among the fans of the program.

Eurodance, Musicians that were rarely heard on national radios, unknown versions of songs by well-known artists, all contributed to the success of the program that was one of the biggest faces for the station among the younger audience. CDs were published until the beginning of the 00’s and Electricidade 2000 was still a sales champion until the program was canceled with the sale of the station and the consequent change in its direction.

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