Allen Halloween

Portuguese alternative and horrorcore rapper, singer and producer from Odivelas, born August 4th 1980 in Guinea. He began rapping in 1995/96, and was a founding member of Youth Kriminals in 1999.

Considered one of the great names of new Portuguese urban music, Allen Halloween announced the end of his career. In a post published on Facebook, the rapper says he wants to dedicate himself totally to religion. Author of Project Mary Witch (published in 2006), A Árvore Kriminal (2011) or Híbrido (2015), the musician released a new work a few days ago, entitled Unplgueto and also released Livre-Arbítrio, a book that brings together all his lyrics.

Allen Pires Sanhá, originally named, the musician says he has thought a lot about this decision over the years, adding that he has now found the “courage and faith” to take this step. “I ask everyone to respect my decision and that when you see me around, don’t bother me with Halloween stuff anymore. Halloween is dead. It’s over!”, writes the rapper, saying he wants to become “a simple and humble man, with a humble job”.

Raised in the Barruncho neighborhood, in Odivelas, Allen Halloween, 39, transferred his experience to music, with raw and direct lyrics and a style that mixed hip-hop with heavier rock influences. In 2017, regarding his participation in the Vodafone Mexefest festival (a rare participation in major festivals by a musician who has always maintained his independence), Allen Halloween stated: “My music is inspired by the real world. I look at everything around me and I try to turn it into music and art”.

“Most of the themes of rap made in Portugal are hip-hop culture, almost as if a rock musician wrote songs about electric guitars and amplifiers. I also rap, but from the beginning I chose to talk about real life and I reach many more people like that”, he would say then.

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