Os Anjos is a band composed of two brothers, Nelson Manuel Paulino Rosado, born on February 3, 1976 and Sérgio Miguel Paulino Rosado, born on February 22, 1980.

The Rosado brothers began their career in 1988, attending regular school and music classes during the week, in addition to giving dance concerts and party entertainment on weekends. They travel all over Portugal always in the company of their parents, Manuel and Graciete Rosado.

The first concert they did was at Casa do Algarve, in Almada, with Nelson 12 and Sérgio 8 years old. In 1996, Nelson and Sérgio were entered by the music teacher in the competition «Lugar aos Novos», on Rádio Renascença/Voz de Lisboa. They won with distinction and here they start a new stage in their dream. They continued to sing at balls but never lost sight of the dream and ambition of building a future in music. A year later, in 1997, again with the “push” of teacher Emília Cabrita, RTP 1 takes them to the homes of all Portuguese people through the program «Casa de Artistas» where, once again, they overcome all the stages of the contest, obviously winning the final. It was the first moment they came face-to-face with fame and public exposure. However, they were not intimidated because they deal with all this with the utmost naturalness.

The “Sétimo Céu” project is a gift from the heavens for Sérgio and Nelson, who are now faced with a more professional structure. Exposure increases as they become a frequent presence on TV, radio and concerts across the country. But this stage would also come to an end to start what today are the ANGELS.

At this stage, the company NZ Produções, which had already followed the trajectory of the two brothers, did not hesitate to sign a contract, thus creating the most successful duo in Portugal, with the name that would remain in the ears of all of us for a long time – ANJOS. In less than three months they «smother» the market with the album FICAREI, in 1999, they hit all the tops and became a reference in the Portuguese music scene. With a careful image and an excellent musical production, the two brothers snatch the hearts of the Portuguese, especially the youngest group.
More than 44 magazine covers in seven months, a Triple Platinum, hundreds of interviews on radio and television programs bring ANGELS the recognition of years of work. The success is such that they are invited to go to Brazil, to the Xuxa show, where they are all the rage and manage to reach the hearts of Brazilian women.

The second album, ESPELHO, reaffirms ANJOS as quality artists, but they yearn for even higher flights and, in 2001, they terminate their contract with NZ Produções, now betting on an independent career and a new concert structure, with the presence of a band that they maintain until today. Along with this change they create ANGELMINDS, their own production company and management. And it is also in 2001 that, in partnership with Daniel Oliveira, they edit their first biography entitled “The stage of life”, where they reveal more intimate and exclusive details about their career and the beginning of their adventure in the world of music.
In 2002, a fantastic idea arises, very similar to what happens abroad, to create a fragrance with the Anjos brand, designed and created for its fans, and for that reason “Simple” is the name chosen for its perfume, which was limited edition and completely sold out in a few months.

With TOUR VIVER and the DVD «ANJOS TOUR VIVER», they are awarded by the readers of DVD Review magazine as the DVD of the year 2003 and even go platinum. The album, SEGREDOS, released in 2004, was successful with singles such as “Bem longe, num sono meu”, “Soprar Estrelas” or even “Há-de haver onde estar” which allowed ANJOS to continue their already long and ascending career.

They return in 2005 with ALMA, the CD that marks a new phase in their career and with which ANJOS prove that they know what they want and why they have a prominent place and are a reference in national music.
In 2007 they are invited to record all the themes of the soap opera VINGANÇA, by Sic, something unprecedented in Portugal. On the CD there are 11 songs, which despite not being original Anjos have all the determination and professionalism of Manos Rosado and so it was no wonder their huge success with the public. Also in 2007, they are again invited to voice the generic of the new SIC soap opera – RESISTIREI and to be part of the Jury of the talent program “Família Super Star”, where this time they are on the opposite side where they debuted in 1997. The winner Filipa Azevedo enchants the Anjos with her performance so much that she immediately gains the privilege of having Sérgio and Nelson as producers of her debut work.

In 2008, they met the journalist/writer Marcos Pinto and together they edited another part of his Biography, with the name “Na alma dos Anjos”, because in seven years a lot had happened and deserved to be told in a book so that fans could follow along. these details.
At the end of 2009 and after an exhaustive search for the best songs to include in a new record, Sérgio and Nelson finally released the long-awaited “Turning the page”. This work shows the more adult and intimate side of the band and the CD presentation itself took place in an acoustic and warm environment between family and friends. To mark this turning point in their career, the Manos chose as the first single the song that gives the name to the album where they collaborated with Sérginho Moah, lead singer of the famous Brazilian group “Papas na Língua”, making this song a huge success both in Portugal and in Brazil.

During 2010, once again, his more solidary side stood out with the recording of hymns for solidarity institutions, such as Pirilampo Mágico and Terra dos Sonhos.
2011 started big for this band as their work was once again recognized having been invited by the Biography Channel to record a program entitled “playlist” where they remembered their greatest hits and best moments over the 10 years of Anjos music.
And because the idea is to set goals across borders as well, in February 2011, Sérgio and Nelson recorded the song “Pasar la pagina”, a version of their single in Spanish that was entitled to a new videoclip and that made a splash here and there. out there.
At the end of 2011, the Manos once again embraced the challenge of being a judge on a television program featuring national talents, this time in the “Voz de Portugal” format, where they had the opportunity to cross paths with great voices, managing to reach the Grand Final, which proved to be very close, with singer Ricardo Oliveira who qualified in 2nd place.

That same year, they decided to put into practice a project they had long wanted to implement and, together with Colégio Atlântico on the south bank, in Seixal, they opened the doors of the Anjos Music Academy where they proposed to motivate and teach the little ones and young people all about music. This academy was immediately a winning bet and those who attend it love the sharing that exists between students, teachers and the Angels themselves.

In their already consolidated musical career, Sérgio and Nelson wanted to take even more risks and experiment with a new format for their concerts, completely different from the usual, performed indoors and in seated places, in an intimate atmosphere. Therefore, in July 2012, they brightened the night at the Seixal Municipal Forum, where they exclusively presented the acoustic format of the hit songs Anjos, accompanied by their band as well as other guest musicians, and recorded the Acústico CD/DVD live. The night was also marked by the debut of the new single “I want to find you”, created in partnership with the musician/composer Pedro Vaz, who accompanies them on stage. This format gave wings to the ACOUSTIC TOUR that toured Portugal from north to south for more than 2 years,
The year 2012 was also important for marking the return of the Anjos to the autograph sessions with show case, which allow a unique and special contact with their fans, this time the partnership was made with FNAC and on each scheduled date the floods proved that the support of the public and friends is really essential.

The concept of the Acoustic work managed to positively surprise the fans but, more importantly, it widened the range of audiences that started to listen to Anjos and, during 2013, invitations to the highest audience programs began to appear from national radio stations where the requirement essential is to play live music, as was the case with Sem Palheta on RFM where they performed with an acoustic version of Swedish House Mafia which received very positive reviews. Another case was the invitation from Rádio Comercial, in which Sérgio and Nelson rewrote, with the help of Vasco Palmeirim, the lyrics of the hit “Ficarei”, in honor of SLB coach Jorge Jesus (JJ) entertaining the general public.

In October 2013, Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, will remain forever in the memory of those who went there to attend the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Anjos’ career, where the band was treated to a very emotional surprise from the fans who revisited in video the most remarkable moments of the musical journey of the brothers. In addition, this show also had the collaboration of the singer/songwriter Agir, who would later compose some themes for the new work of originals.
Despite 15 years in music, as Anjos, they know that they still lack “a lot of road to walk” and they never get tired of thanking not only the support of the fans but also the renowned national artists and when they were invited to the RTP1 program “5 to midnight”, in March 2014, together with the idol Jorge Palma, did not hesitate for a second to pay him a beautiful tribute by creating their version of the famous theme “We will continue”, surprising the artist who was thrilled to know that he inspires the new generations in that way.

Always focused on new technologies, seeking to offer their followers more and better, Sérgio and Nelson renewed the image/concept of their official website several times, and taking into account the reach of digital platforms, they also created their official pages. on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook where they are followed by more than 50 thousand people who do not miss messages, photos and exclusive videos from their idols daily. So it made perfect sense when, in September 2014, LG and BigApetite got together to create an APP for mobile phones under the Anjos brand, offering yet another place to get special and unique content.

It is no secret that Sérgio and Nelson admire many of the great national singers and whenever possible they make partnerships or duets and that was the reason why they decided to invite their friend and successful singer Rita Guerra, as well as Paula Teixeira to come up with them. to the Stage of the renowned CCB, in November 2014, marking yet another memorable date for the two brothers, who gradually manage to fill the most important rooms in the country to hear them sing and enchant. These duets also appear on solidarity occasions such as the Anthem of the Princess Leonor Association (APLAS) where they recorded a beautiful duet with The Guest, or the Olympic Anthem invited by CMLx for the year 2015.

At Christmas 2014, Rádio Comercial invites the Anjos to sing live on the morning program as it notes that the Christmas song that the Portuguese prefer and remember most fondly is the theme “Neste Noite Branca”, an icon of the Anjos’ career. , who sing with the singer Susana.

More recently, in May 2015, the new single “É o amor” debuted on the radio, with a contagious energy, guessing a summer hit, having reached the 8th position in the Top 25 of RFM in just 1 week of air play. This is the first theme, of many others that will follow, which will be made available to the public only in digital format for download on various platforms, reinventing once again the concept around their music and always trying to achieve more and better.
In June 2015, they flew to South Africa and Namibia with their acoustic concert, where they performed a mini-tour with 4 concerts, happy that they were also starting to bet on what is good in Portuguese music.

Source: anjos.pt

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