Cães Vádios

The group emerged in 1985 in the city of Porto. In an interview with the Porto fanzine “Ressaca Viciosa” they stated that their goals were “to have fun, earn a lot of money and buy a cadillac in the short term” and that one of their main influences was the singer Daniel Bacelar.

The group consisted of vocalist Rodrigo Gramacho, guitarists Guilherme Lucas and Victor Guedes and drummer Carlos Moura.

In early 1987, Ama Romanta released a single with the themes “Cães Vadios”, “Bêbado” and “Marcianos”. But in 1986, still under the name OS CÃOS, A MORTE E O DESEJO, they had appeared in the collection “Divergences” with the theme “Elvis”.

The k7 “Bem Fundo” is edited in France by the indie “Eat Rekords” and distributed in Germany with the fanzine “Urbem”. At this time the band was formed by David Dano (voice), Óscar Q. (bass), Guilherme Lucas (guitar) and Carlos Moura (drums).

In 1993 they change drummer with the entry of Zé Borges (ex-Alucina Eugénio). They record a new model with the themes “Sou Único”, “Mental City” and “Só”.

«Contests never. It’s putting a price on your head. You risk being overtaken by a band you know is mediocre. If there were no contests, bands would still be known, because things would be done differently, because the public wants bands and wants music. Contests are a primary childishness.» CV/Ritual 3 (1991)»

Óscar is connected to the Piranha record store. He is part of Motornoise.

David Pontes is a journalist and has worked for several newspapers. He is currently sub-director of “Jornal de Notícias”.

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