Capicua was born in Porto in the 80’s, discovers Hip Hop culture in the 90’s (first through graffiti and then through music), going from being a mere listener to becoming a Rapper apprentice in the 00’s. A sociologist by training, she considers herself a militant rapper and is known for her excellent, emotional and politically engaged writing.

With a vast discography, he already has a solid career in the Portuguese-speaking music scene: two mixtapes (Capicua Goes Preemo – 2008 and Capicua Goes West – 2013), three albums in his own name and a remix disc (Capicua – 2012, Sereia Louca – 2014, Medusa – 2015 and Madrepérola – 2020), a book-disc for children in partnership with Pedro Geraldes (Mão Verde – 2016), a Luso-Brazilian disc shared with Emicida, Rael and Valete (Lingua Franca – 2017).

In the last decade, she has added intense and participated concerts, conquering a very diverse audience and critical recognition, always contributing to the destruction of the stigmas associated with Rap in our country.

An apologist for the collaborative and interventional spirit typical of Hip Hop culture, he has worked with several artists (from Sérgio Godinho to Sara Tavares), and participated in several conferences, workshops and social projects (such as OUPA, in which he worked for four consecutive years by invitation of Porto City Council).

Also noteworthy is her acclaimed career as a lyricist (for performers such as Gisela João, Aline Frazão, Ana Bacalhau, Camané or Clã) and her activity as a columnist for the Revista Visão.

In 2021, celebrating the first anniversary of the album “Madrepérola”, he edits the EP “Encore”, recorded live at Rivoli and Teatro Aveirense, in the last concerts of the difficult year 2020. , celebrating live music, to perpetuate the happy moments between the band and the audience, but also to give the well-deserved continuity to their last album of originals.

Vows are renewed, repertoire is prepared, with the new formation and the new scenario, to return to the road as soon as possible, full of vital energy, to spread poetry converted into music.


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