Carlos Eduardo Teixeira Mendes, better known as Carlos Mendes, is a Portuguese architect, presenter, singer, songwriter and actor born on May 23, 1947 in Lisbon.

In 1963 he was one of the founders of the group “Sheiks”, which he left in 1967 to start a solo career with a version of “Penina”, which Paul McCartney had written for Jotta Herre.

In 1968 he won the Festival RTP da Canção with the song “Verão”.

“At the time [the Festival] made a big impression on me, but I didn’t make my debut there, I was already coming from Sheiks. Festival da Canção made me even better known than I already was. At that time, singers appeared on the covers of magazines, they were very popular. When I returned from Eurovision, I had to take refuge in a friend’s farm in Tomar because of the public.”

He won the Festival RTP da Canção again, in 1972, with “Festa da Vida”. He also participates in the recordings of the album “A Fala do Homem Nascido”.

In 1973 he completed the Architecture course he started in 1969, starting to pursue this activity that he would abandon shortly afterwards, to dedicate himself exclusively to music.

In 1976 he founded, together with other authors, including Paulo de Carvalho and Fernando Tordo, the first independent record label, Toma Lá Disco. Releases the album “Amor Combate”.

The following year he released the album “Canções de Ex-Cravo e Malviver” with songs like “Ruas de Lisboa”, “Lisboa, Meu Amor” and “Amélia dos Olhos Doces”. “Amélia dos Olhos Doces” was in 2nd place in the qualification for the Oti festival that year.

Mundo da Canção magazine awarded the award for “Best Children’s Album of the Year” to his work “Jardim Jaleco”, which was also a television program.

In 1979 “Sheiks” returned for a series of 13 programs presented on RTP. The group launches the LP’s “Sheiks com Cobertura” and “Pintados de Fresco 2”. In 1980 he recorded the solo album “Triângulo do Mar”.

The album “Chão do Vento” was released in 1984. He traveled to Brazil, where he performed at Teatro João Caetano and Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro) and at Pavilhão do Ibirapuera (São Paulo).

In 1985 he started piano lessons and musical training with teacher Fernanda Chichorro. He has given shows in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. He also participated in the XII International Youth Festival, in Moscow, with over 150 countries.

In 1986 he composed the music for the film “O Vestido Cor de Fogo” by Lauro António and for the play “O Touro” by Teatro de Pesquisa Comuna. It won the Critics Association award for the best theater music of that year.

In 1987, she wrote the music for Alves Redol’s play, “O Destino Morreu de Repente”, staged by Comuna. She composed the song representing Portugal for the OTI Festival, performed by Theresa Mayuko.

The following year he composed the music for two films by Luís Filipe Costa for RTP. Invited by that television station, he composed original songs and did the musical direction for the Christmas program.

In 1989, together with Fernando Tordo, Paulo de Carvalho and maestro Pedro Osório, they created the show “Só Nós Três”, which premiered at the Estoril Casino with great success. It was then shown in the Azores (on the occasion of the Open Presidency), Macao and elsewhere. The album based on the show was a huge success, quickly reaching platinum status.

In 1990 he composed, directed and performed the soundtrack of the series “Por Mares Nunca de Antes Navegados”. He also created the show “Improvisos Carlos Mendes”, staged by Carlos Avilez.

In 1991 he started lyrical singing classes with Professor Cristina Castro. He created the musical operetta “O Natal do Pai Natal” at the invitation of RTP for another “Christmas Special” that was released on disc. He recorded the show “Improvisos Carlos Mendes” for the same station.

At the invitation of the Municipality of Loures and the José Afonso Secondary School, he composed and recorded an album of solidarity with Timor, with lyrics by José Fanha. He was invited as an actor, by director Artur Ramos, to join the cast of the play “O Luto de Electra” by Eugene O’Neill, recorded for RTP.

“Boa Nova”, a 1992 show created with Fernando Tordo on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic to India, was presented at Teatro São Luiz and released on disc.

In 1993 he was one of the authors and presenters of the program “Falas Tu ou Falo Eu” on SIC.

In 1994, the CD “Não Me Peças Mais Canções” was published, produced by Zé da Ponte, where Carlos Mendes set to music great names in Portuguese poetry, such as Miguel Torga, Fernando Pessoa, Carlos Oliveira, Luís de Camões and Antónia Brito . The disc includes an unpublished song by Mário Soares, “Para Ti Meu Amor”.

The song “Não Me Peças Mais Canções” was nominated for the Golden Globe in the category of “Best Song of the Year”.

In 1995 he presented on RTP the program “Selecção Nacional”, with Herman José and Sofia Morais, which consisted of choosing the eight performers to sing at the Festival RTP da Canção 1995.

In December 1996 he presented at Teatro Nacional D. Maria the show “Carlos Mendes-Em Concerto” where he interpreted Portuguese poets.

In 1997 he collaborated on the program “Todos ao Palco” by Filipe La Féria. The CD “Vagabundo do Mar” was released. In 1998 he performed in Macau, India (Margão and Pangim) at the invitation of Fundação Oriente. He was invited to do two concerts at Expo’98.

The album “Coração de Cantor” was released in December 1999.

As an actor, he was part of the cast of “Morangos Com Açúcar-Series II and Summer Holidays II”, on TVI, where he played the role of “Coronel Luís Navarro”.

In 2006 he sang with Pedro Teixeira on the program Canta Por Mim, where they reached the final.

Since March 2018, it has presented the weekly program Autores – already presented by Mário Figueiredo and Paulo Sérgio Santos -, from the Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA), which is broadcast by TVI and made available on TVI Player, having even been broadcast also on TVI Ficção and on the extinct TVI24 channel. Carlos Mendes always sings one or two musical themes – normally, one from his repertoire -, at the piano, in each episode of the program. Since 2022, Carlos Mendes has also been on the board of SPA, as an alternate member of its supervisory board.

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