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They were formed from the ashes of the Taedium Vitae (Carlos Antunes, José Fabião, Isabel Duarte, Rui Geada and Carlos Coelho). The original lineup of Clandestinos included Carlos Antunes (drums), Isabel Duarte (vocals), João Marques (bass) and José Fabião (guitar). Later Rodrigo Dias joined on 2nd guitar.

The first time they played live was on March 14, 1987. The name was chosen when they participated in a Luís Armastrondo competition, in Porto.

They also performed at RRV, in the cycle “O Som dos Gatos” with K4 Quadrado Azul and Jardim do Enforcado.

They participated in the 6th RRV modern music competition where they came in second place. One of the most striking themes was “Fado do Soldado”. The group had some lyrics in English but they could not be presented in the competition.

At the time of the concerts to protest the death of Zé Carvalho (PSR), they played with João Aguardela (Sitiados). The “Platform Against Compulsory Military Service” (the famous “Troop, No!”) recorded and circulated a cassette with themes from the group and others. The cassette was recorded from the April 1989 concerts at RRV.

João Marques left to accompany the Besieged. Rodrigo Silva moved to bass and Paulo Vitorino joined on 2nd guitar. In August 1991 they released a model with the themes “Alfaces”, “Frágeis Olhos”, “Couraçados” and “Pai Pátria”.

José Fabião left the group in November 1992. In 1993 the group’s formation consisted of Isabel (vocals), Necas (drums), Paulo (guitar) and Frederico (bass). Of the 19 songs that played, in April 1993, at Galeria Norte, only one song (“Clandestino”) was sung in Portuguese. According to journalist Raquel Pinheiro, «the music continued to be Rock but anger and radicalism gave way to fun, funk and noise».

Clandestinos’ new sound was presented on December 8, 1993 at the Europa nightclub

In September 1994 they performed at the 3rd edition of Noites Ritual Rock, with Paulo Coelho (More República Masónica, Ik Mux) on vocals. The group, in a wave more linked to the style of Lesma and Braindead, presented songs such as “Silicone Girl” and “Cores Unidas”.

In 1995, the compilation “Ritual Rock 1” was released, which included the song “Silicone Girl” by Clandestinos / Uppercut.

The group had a very close connection to the Besieged for some time. The theme “Sailor’s Life” is dedicated to Necas.


Ritual Rock 1 (1995) – Silicone Girl


João Marques and Rodrigo Dias were in the Sitiados.
Rodrigo Dias is part of In Her Space.
Paulo Vitorino was in the More Masonic Republic (1996-2000).

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