D’Arrasar were one of the most popular bands in Portuguese pop in the late 90s and early 2000s. With a young, fun and danceable style, the five boys won the hearts of thousands of fans, especially the female audience. In this article, we will remember the history, successes and return of the boy band that defined a generation.

The formation of the band

D’Arrasar were born in 1998, the result of a casting organized by music producer Filipe Neves, who sought to create a group of boys with talent for singing, dancing and enchanting. Of more than 300 candidates, five were selected: CC, Kapinha, Joka, Jimmy and Ricardo. The artistic names were chosen by the producer himself, who wanted to give a touch of originality and irreverence to the group.

The first album and national success

D’Arrasar’s first album was released in 1999, with the title “D’Arrasar”. The album contained 12 tracks, among which the singles “Rainha da Noite”, “Podia Acabar o Mundo” and “Não Quero Mais” stood out. The songs were inspired by international pop, with influences from R&B, hip hop and dance. The lyrics spoke of love, party and fun, with a light and relaxed tone.

The album was a critical and sales success, receiving a gold record award. D’Arrasar quickly became a media phenomenon, being invited to several television programs, such as Roda dos Mírios, Big Show SIC and Olhar da Serpente. The band also performed countless shows across the country, filling rooms and pavilions with their fans.

The second album and the consecration

In 2000, D’Arrasar released their second album, entitled “Mais”. The album followed the same musical line as the previous one, but with some new features, such as the participation of special guests, such as singer Lúcia Moniz and rapper Boss AC. The album contained 13 tracks, among which the singles “Mais”, “Tudo Bem” and “Vem Dançar” stood out. The songs were more mature and sophisticated, reflecting the personal and professional growth of the band members.

The album was another sales and critical success, having been certified platinum. D’Arrasar have established themselves as one of the most popular bands in the country, having been nominated for several musical awards, such as the Golden Globes and the TMN Awards. The band also toured nationally and internationally, passing through countries such as Spain, France and Brazil.

The end of the band and individual projects

In 2002, D’Arrasar announced the end of the band, citing personal and professional reasons. Fans were sad and surprised by the news, but they understood their idols’ decision. Each of the band members followed their own path, dedicating themselves to different individual projects.

CC became a television presenter, having hosted programs such as Curto Circuito and Factor M. Kapinha became an actor and comedian, participating in soap operas such as Morangos com Açúcar and Floribella. Joka became a DJ and music producer, working with artists such as Anselmo Ralph and David Carreira. Jimmy became a businessman and events manager. Ricardo became a model and personal trainer.

The band’s return

In 2022, D’Arrasar surprised their fans by announcing their return for a special tour. The band explained that they missed the stage and the public, and that they wanted to celebrate 20 years since the release of their first album. The tour featured 10 concerts in various cities across the country, where D’Arrasar sang their biggest hits and some new songs. The shows were a success, with tickets selling out within hours. Fans were excited and moved by the reunion of their favorite boy band.

The band’s legacy

D’Arrasar were one of the most notable bands in Portuguese pop, having sold more than 300 thousand records and won several awards and recognition. The band influenced a generation of young people, who grew up listening to their music and imitating their dance moves. The band also paved the way for other national boy bands, such as Excesso, D’ZRT and 4Taste. D’Arrasar left a legacy of music, joy and nostalgia, which continues to live on in the memories of their fans.

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