Despe E Siga

Despe e Siga is a Portuguese band, created as a kind of alter-ego of the band Peste & Sida by the same members of this band. One of their biggest hits was ‘Festa’ in 1994. They won the silver record five months after their formation. By 1997 the band enjoyed great popularity nationwide.

In the early 1990s, members Luís Varatojo, João San-Payo , Fernando Raposo and Nuno Rafael of Peste & Sida made their first appearances under the name Despe e Siga. The concept was to play versions of well-known bands, such as The Pogues or Madness , and sing them in Portuguese. In 1992, João Cardoso (keys) and Marco Franco (drums) joined the band, who a year later gave way to Sérgio Nascimento .

The first record, “Despe e Siga”, hit stores in 1994, and included versions that the band used to play in bars, such as “Festa” (version of the original by The Pogues , “Fiesta”), “Bué de Baldas” ( inspired by “Baggy Trousers” by Madness “) and “Bule Bule” (version of “Woolie Buly” from the days of Peste & Sida) . Sandra Baptista (accordion), from the Besieged.

The participation in the album “Espanta Espíritos”, took place the following year, with the theme “Família Virtual”, where the fado singer Alcindo de Carvalho enters.

In 1996, João San-Payo leaves and Ricardo Aires (bass) enters and the album “Os Primos” arrives in stores. The theme “Tou bom” had the help of Sérgio Godinho. In 1998, Despe e Siga were one of the invited groups for the album “Ao Vivo na Antena 3”, where they recorded two songs in the RDP auditorium .

In October 1997, enjoying great national popularity, they performed in Funchal , on the occasion of the anniversary of Club Sports Marítimo.

The third disc, ” 99.9 “, published by Sony Music on March 29, 1999, is made entirely of originals. It was produced by Mário Barreiros and includes themes such as “Manual do Gelo”, “Rádio Ska” and “Lunamóvel”. The band even performed a version of “Radio Ska” for an advertisement for Sumol.

Source: Wikipedia

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