Dillaz is one of the most respected artists in the context of Portuguese Hip-Hop, with a very well defined identity. He seeks to innovate at every moment and in each project he is dedicated to, always showing an unparalleled dynamic. Since the “hair in the bowl” days, Dillaz has always shown his artistic streak and his career has witnessed a systematic evolution of his work. In 2022, the artist presents his audience with the release of his second album, his fifth project, which is entitled “Oitavo Céu”, now available on all digital platforms.

The first single from this album left a clear message of what we could expect: “Conto”, the perfect message of a comeback that many craved and was slow to appear. In this track, the rapper transports us to ancient times, with a clear message that elevates dreams. “Galileo” and “Juvena” followed, which put everyone at home upside down, especially in times of a pandemic. With instrumental and vibrant lyrics it makes us want to jump out of the chair directly to a live show.

Before the launch of “Oitavo Céu”, Dillaz decided to distribute the forbidden fruit, singing “Maçã”, a project that created an impact in the context of Portuguese Hip-Hop. In a record apparently different from what we were used to, he appeared with a song in a more current Hip-Hop style, but sweetened with his own touch, which he makes a point of including naturally in each word. It’s weird but it’s inside!

The album is a reflection of personality and the true combination of his older works and his journey up to the present day, combined with a unique sound that promises to transcend and break down barriers. In this project, Dillaz transposes situations into his writing that lead us to a deeper retrospective of life. In two tracks with a calmer sound that penetrates thought, he seeks to address themes that we all face at a certain point in life: love problems, overcoming problems, love for others and willpower. One of these tracks is a clear tribute to the birth of a new muse in his life, his daughter.

The remaining tracks are a mix of messages to what surrounds us. That not everything that sometimes seems is really what it is, that greed often speaks louder than family or friendship ties, that there are many people around us who do not have our best interests at heart. The so-called “bad language” that refuses to see quality and success. But Dillaz shows that he is “in the tuga with quality”, supporting all those who are subject to criticism because they take risks and make an effort to do so.

For this, the artist puts himself in the first person and uses references alluding to these themes, adapted to his day-to-day life and family situations. His lyrics have many personal references, and are open to interpretation, so that we can adapt them to our own day-to-day.

Both his writing and instrumentals are diverse, changing structure with each track and elevating every word sung by the artist. Keeping some characteristics that have accompanied him throughout his path, combining a sound that follows the current evolution of Hip-Hop, both from a national and international perspective, this project is a clear message from the artist that he is capable of anything: doing things differently, and at the same time remaining faithful to her voice and her music, the only necessary tools capable of elevating us to the “Eighth Heaven”!

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