Diva was a Portuguese band with some success in the 1980s and 1990s. The group was formed in 1985 by Natália Casanova (vocals), Pedro Solaris (guitar), João Vitorino (drums), Diamante (bass) and João Marques (keys) .

In November 1985 they released a single with the themes “Chuva” and “Saudade e Raiva” for Metro-som. The cover has a graphic error because the themes are indicated as “Saudade” and “Raiva”.

António Freire (guitar), Óscar Coutinho (bass) and Pedro Domingos (keys) joined the group in 1986. In 1989 they signed a contract with EMI-Valentim de Carvalho. In 1990 they released the album “Ecos de Outono”, produced by Ricardo Camacho and Francis. “Amor Errante” is one of the most striking themes of the album.

In 1993, Pedro Domingos left and the violinist Carlos Aires joined. They participate with a version of “Canção de Embalar” on the album “Filhos da Madrugada. They perform in the concert “Filhos da Madrugada live”.

The second album, “Deserto Azul”, was released in 1995. The album “O Verbo”, produced by Frank Darcel, was released in 1996. Adolfo Luxúria Canibal participated in the album, who wrote the lyrics for the album and participates in the theme “E o Verbo criou a Mulher”.

In 1997, a CD-Single with remixes of “Eu Ando À Voltas” was released.

They even recorded and pre-produced the fourth album, whose edition was scheduled for April 1999, but interrupted the recordings after disagreements with the Sony label. After a few years of stoppage they even announced a new return but it did not materialize.

Natália Casanova collaborated in the meantime on albums by Francisco Ribeiro and Citânia and on the solidarity song “Grãos de Uma Romã”

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