Edmundo Vieira

Edmundo Vieira, or just Edmundo (Portimão, November 22, 1983), is a Portuguese singer. He is especially known for being one of the four members of the boy group D’ZRT.

He participated in several music competitions, such as the Vou Ser Uma Estrela competition, on the SIC 10 Horas program. He was a contestant on the first edition of the Operação Triunfo program, ranking 12th out of 16 competitors.

He participated as an actor in Morangos com Açúcar, where he met the other members of D’ZRT.
He participated in the Dança Comigo competition in 2006.
He released his solo album in 2009.

In 2012 he participated in the program A Tua Cara Não Me É Estranha-Duetos, teaming up with Daniela Pimenta, a singer who became known through her participation in the second edition of Casa dos Segredos. In 2013, he participated as a contestant on TVI’s reality show Big Brother VIP.

In 2016, Edmundo Vieira released his second solo album, Mais de Mim, and in 2023 he joined the remaining surviving members of D’ZRT, Paulo Vintém and Vítor Fonseca, for 12 concerts.

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