Maria Ermelinda Oliveira Duarte (Lourenço Marques, October 6, 1946) is a Portuguese singer, actress and dubber.

In 1969 she joined TEL – Teatro Estúdio de Lisboa.

In 1970 she played the role of Clara in the film Pedro Só by Alfredo Tropa where she played opposite António Montez, whom she would later marry. In 1971 she participates in the play “Emilío e os Detectives”, staged by Glicinia Quartin, at Teatro Villaret.

She wrote the theme “Manuel” which was recorded by Ana Maria Teodósio (1971) and Introito (1974).

In 1974 she participates in the play “Lisboa 72-74”, by Luzia Maria Martins, for TEL. She was the author and singer of the song “Somos Livres”, produced by José Cid, which was a great success in the post-April 25th period and which belonged to this play. In 1976, the single “Nossas Armas São As Mãos” was released.

In 1980 she participated in the series Retalhos da Vida de Um Médico based on the homonymous work by Fernando Namora. She collaborated in the plays “Brinca Brincando” and “Tá Entregue À Bicharada” also presented on RTP.

In the play “Paga As Favas” by Teatro Ádoque, she sings the songs “Jovem, Jovem” and “Agora É Festa”, which are also released as a single. Still in 1981, she recorded a new single with two marches from Lisbon: “Cantar Lisboa” and “Lisboa Num Pregão”.

In addition to children’s theater, she began to dedicate herself more to dubbing cartoon series, such as the “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

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