The Excesso (Excess (Portugal, 1997-2002)), was the first Portuguese boy band and marked the end of the 1990s. It consisted of the following elements: Gonzo, Carlos, Melão, Duck and João Portugal.

Among their biggest hits are the songs “Eu Sou Aquele” (the group’s debut single, released in 1997), “Não Sei Viver Sem Ti”, “És Loucura” and “Não Quebres o Meu Coração”.

They were one of the biggest Portuguese musical phenomena of the 90s and, along with D’ZRT, they can be considered the most successful boy group in the history of Portuguese music.

The Excesso were the first Portuguese boy band that started a musical project that followed the characteristics of international groups. The band consisted of Gonzo, Carlos, Melão, Duck and João Portugal. The five elements were chosen in a casting. His manager was José Varadas. Excesso’s debut album, Eu Sou Quem, was released by Polygram in 1998 and reached number one on the Portuguese top.

In 1999, the group released the album “Até ao Fim”, which fell short of the expectations of the Universal label (ex-Polygram).

In the same year, after Carlos left, there were some problems within the group. The remaining members still tried to continue, but it ended up with the departure of another element, João Portugal. Excess was in the spotlight for three years. After the split, all the members went solo, except Carlos, who became part of the boy group Hexa Plus. In their careers after Excess, Gonzo, Melão and João released at least one successful single each.

In 2012, SIC’s Perdidos e Achados program followed the five elements of Excesso, looking back on the group’s career and the lives of its members at that time. Carlos was the only one who refused to participate in the TV interview.

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