Fogo e Paixão Web Radio

There are many webradios with internet chat rooms, and as we all know these are important platforms that stand out for their music, rooms, administration and behavior of their members.

A few weeks ago we found one (among many webradios) that distinguished itself by these same points mentioned above.

The webradio Fogo e Paixão (Fire & Passion) is possibly one of the few in which the musical concept is partially encompassed by dance music, popular music, lively announcers and correct administration of the entity.

The look of the room couldn’t be more obvious, lively colors, a breath of fresh air for the eyes, very pleasant conversations, and a vast knowledge of Portuguese music from those behind the microphone.

Truth be told, this radio from also has legs to walk due to the fact that it marks its professional presence on the internet.

Our verdict
This is a space that must be visited. For those who like Portuguese popular music and a calm, relaxed atmosphere, we recommend that you stop by and listen to the good music broadcast on this web radio.

4.7 stars out of 5 in a study carried out by PortugalMusicUK


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One thought on “Fogo e Paixão Web Radio

  1. Eu gosto da musica que eles passam.
    Na maioria das vezes é só pimbalhada, mas esta é diferente, parabéns!

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