General D

Sérgio Matsinhe (Lourenço Marques, October 28, 1971), better known as General D, is a Portuguese rapper of Mozambican descent and one of the precursors of Rap and Hip hop in Portugal.

At the age of two he came to live on the south bank of Lisbon. He stood out in athletics having been the regional record holder for the 100m and sprint in the 4x100m variant.

In 1990 he was one of the organizers of the first rap festival in Portugal, held at Incrível Almadense, where Black Company (of which he was a member and one of the founders) and Africa Power played. General D’s first band included Maimuna Jalles and Marta Dias.

In 1992 he collaborated with Pop dell’Arte on the theme “Mc Holly”. He spent a month in England where he took the opportunity to perform and record with the London dance group SWC with whom he recorded two songs that would be released on the Tuff Productions label. Afterwards he was at Zona Mais, in Lisbon, where he performed alongside the North American rapper Joy, who recorded an album in Portugal.

It was through the TV program “Lentes de Contacto”, from the production company Latina Europa, that he met Tiago Lopes and in 1993 they recorded the theme “Norte Sul”.

In 1994 he released the EP “PortuKKKal É Um Erro”. In 1995, the album “Pé Na Tchôn, Karapinha Na Céu” was released, recorded with Os Karapinhas[citation needed]. The first single was “Black Magic Woman” featuring Sam.

In 1997 the CD “Kanimambo” is published. The music video for “Estado de Sítio” is included in the compilation “Ritual Video Clips’97”. He collaborates on records by Cool Hipnoise, Fernando Cunha and Ithaka. He also collaborates on the compilation “Onda Sonora”.

General D prepared his third album, having even recorded with the Jamaican duo “Sly & Robbie” but the disc was never released.

In 2000 he appears as part of a solidarity action with the Mozambican people and where he made the respective music video.

In 2014 it was located in England and, a few months later, General D announced his return to Portugal and music. Admitting to having left due to family problems, on his return he participated in the Mistura festival, where NBC was present. Boss Ac, Black Company, Jack and Chullage.

Click here to read more about General D’s full biography and curiosities from Publico Magazine.

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