One of the biggest one hit wonders in Portugal, the song Easy come and go was played a lot in the 90’s and became the image of the band Joker, in its short period of life.

It was in the summer of 1990 that vocalist Tiago Gardner and keyboardist José Tavares joined forces with Hugo Pereira on drums, Hugo Granger on bass and Paulo Pereira on guitar to form the group that would become known as the Joker. They started to give some shows in Cascais, where they came from, and recorded their first demo with 5 songs. In two years, the first changes began in the band, with Luís Easter replacing Bruno Granger who had replaced Hugo Pereira on drums.

in 1992, and already under contract with Polygram, they recorded their first album Ecstasy, which among the various songs (no longer so metal and more Rock FM but still hard rock) brought what would become their mega hit, Easy come and go. In November 1992, they opened shows for Extreme and Thunder at
Dramatico de Cascais and started to become one of the favorite groups of the public.

They started to play a little all over the country, their song went to the top and they were an absolute success. Discoteca News and Alcantara, Infante Santo pavilion in Porto were just some of the places where the band went and left a taste of their music, which could be more metal or commercial rock but well produced.

In 1994 they released a second album, more progressive, which did not have the same acceptance and the group began to disappear from the music scene, never to be heard from again. Who didn’t dance or ask to play this song in the early 90’s?

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