Kú De Judas

Ku de Judas was a Portuguese hardcore punk band formed in 1983.

Inspired by the first album by Xutos & Pontapés (78/82), Fernando Serpa (Serpinha), João Pedro Almendra (Autistic) and Carlos Aguilar (Bago d’Uva) decided to form a band that would only be complete with the arrival of João Ribas in guitar.

Due to the fact that Bago d’Uva had to go to an aunt’s house in Marteleira, the others wondered where that house would be, to which someone replied: “Stay in the ku de judas”. And so the name of the band was decided.

Since they were all natives of Alvalade, they started by playing at the Padre António Vieira Secondary School, as it was the one the band members attended. Later, they would move to the rehearsal room in Lisbon, Senofila.

João Ribas took over the vocalizations after the departure of João Pedro Almendra in 1986. Almendra returned to the group after leaving Peste & Sida.

João Ribas was one of the founders of the Censurados. He is currently in the Lost Tara. Tara Perdida even recorded a version of “Zombies”, a theme written by Serpinha.
João Pedro Almendra was in Peste & AIDS. In 2003 he formed Punk Sinatra having performed at the same time as a guest in the new formation of Peste.

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