Of remote Galician origin, Luís Represas was very interested in music from an early age, proof of which is the fact that he bought his first guitar at the age of 13. He studied at Liceu Pedro Nunes in Lisbon.

It was in 1976 that he founded the band Trovante, together with João Gil, João Nuno Represas, Manuel Faria and Artur Costa, a group that would prove to be one of the most influential in Portuguese popular music.

In 1992, Trovante disbanded and Luís Represas began his solo career.

Luís Represas takes refuge in Havana to compose music, with the collaboration of the Portuguese bassist Nani Teixeira and the Cubans Pablo Milanés (greatest name in Cuban music) and Miguel Nuñez (pianist). Pablo Milanés creates with Represas one of the most recognized national duets, Feiticeira.

After a tour across the country, he fills the Coliseu dos Recreios room for two nights, in a concert that was also broadcast on RTP. He produces the album Cumplicidades with the collaboration of pianist Bernardo Sassetti and Davy Spillane. He does, after another tour, for four consecutive and sold-out nights a concert at the Centro Cultural de Belém, which would give rise to a double CD.

In 1998 he released the album A Hora do Lobo.

On May 12, 1999, at the invitation of the President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio, Represas meets with the Trovante group for a show at the Pavilhão Atlântico. That year he accepted the invitation to be the voice, in the Portuguese version, of the original themes by Phil Collins, for the soundtrack of Disney’s Tarzan animated film.

In 2000, the album “Code Verde” was published, which included the theme “O Lado Bom da Saudade” – presented at the ceremony of the transfer of sovereignty of Macau – and also the special participation of Martinho da Vila in “O Zorro”. He signs the composition of the original soundtrack of the television series “A Raia dos Medos”.

In 2001 Luís Represas celebrated the 25th anniversary of his career with concerts at Pavilhão Atlântico and Coliseu do Porto.

He records the album Reserva Especial with the Czech Republic Symphony Orchestra.

At the invitation of Swatch, a single was edited with the theme “I want a house this size” and two unpublished recordings of the concert “25 years of music” at Pavilhão Atlântico. Proceeds reverted to the charity “Ajuda de Berço”.

The album Fora de Mão is released in 2003.

On June 9, 2005, he was awarded the Commendation of the Order of Merit.

Eyes in the Eyes, her ninth solo album, is released in 2008 and recorded entirely in Cuba, with the special participation of the Brazilian Simone, the Cubans Pablo Milanés and Liuba Maria Hévia, among others.

He participates in the album by Margareth Menezes-Um Caso A Mais and together with Carlinhos Brown and other Brazilian popular music artists, he participates in the Brazilian DVD.

“Sisudo Amável” is the debut single from the album Luís Represas e João Gil.

Luís Represas sings mass in Latin on the 2012 album Missa Brevis with music by João Gil.

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