Ménito Ramos

Ménito Ramos was born on March 4, 1974, in Luxembourg and his real name is Arménio dos Santos Monteiro Ramos. Ménito Ramos has a long and comprehensive career, playing, interpreting, producing and composing, for himself and a series of other artists on the national music scene such as Rita Guerra, Monica Sintra, Melao, Mickael Carreira among others.

Ménito Ramos also makes generics for several Portuguese television programs

As “TIAGO” he was part of the romantic duo TIAGO & DANIEL that lasted 3 years. The debut album was recorded in Brazil with production by the Brazilian band Roupa Nova.

His debut solo album “Finally” (Finalmente) released in 2004 includes duets with Beto and Sonia Costa.

In 2007 he released the album Ménito Ramos live and in 2008 the great ballads with two new songs “in love it’s all or nothing” and “the more I hate you, the more I want you”.

In 2010 he released an album with Beto “complicity at two voices” and in 2012 he was one of the composers invited to the Festival RTP da Canção.

His songs became known even before him, through prime time soap operas, and it wasn’t long before the name Ménito Ramos was synonymous with great songs.

After more than four years without recording and more than seven without releasing a new album, Ménito Ramos releases “Tudo tem um tempo”, his most personal album to date.

“Põe-me à prova” synchronized to the soundtrack of the TVI soap opera “O Beijo do Escorpião” and “Tudo tem um tempo”, was written by Mauro Ramos, a brilliant musician and his brother.

The album also features the special participation of Rita Guerra, in a surprising duet on the song “Don’t judge me” (Não me julgues)

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