Mundo Segundo

Mundo Segundo (born Edmundo Silva, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, 1978) is a Portuguese MC, producer and former b-boy. He is an unavoidable hip-hop figure and one of the movement’s most active ambassadors in Portugal, best known for being one of the MC’s for the band Dealema.

MC, producer and former b-boy, he is an unavoidable figure in Portuguese hip-hop and one of the movement’s most active ambassadors. To talk about his journey is to go back in time to the 90s, when he began to take his first steps in music, and pass in a nostalgic tone more than 20 years of a career that influenced many generations, both artistically and socially. It is unavoidable to remember in this return to the past the mythical “Nova Gaia Hip-Hop Sessions” of which he was the creator and which for almost ten years welcomed bands from north to south of the country in the old Hard Club, on the Gaia waterfront.

An integral part of Dealema, one of the most serious cases of longevity in Portuguese hip-hop, Mundo Segundo was also at the genesis of other musical projects such as Terrorismo Sônico, Real Companhia, Sindicato Sonoro, Gaiolin City Breakers and even Factor-X which for the first time brought together Mundo Segundo and Dj Guze from the collective Dealemático. He currently shares the stages and is completing an album with another major name in Portuguese hip-hop, Sam the Kid.

Alongside the many record releases, he had the opportunity to open solo shows for some American hip-hop legends such as M.O.P, Dilated Peoples, Masta Ace, Marco Polo, Beatnuts, Pharaoh Monch, A.Z., among others.

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