Per7ume (read “Perfume”) is a Portuguese pop-rock band formed on the 7th of July 2007 in the city of Porto.

The formation is referred to by the band as having been on 07/07/07, (7th of July 2007), in the city of Porto. In the line up are musicians from well-known projects in the current music scene such as bLUNDER and Ornatos Violeta.

In February 2008, they signed a contract with Chiado Records and released their first single in April 2008, a duet with Rui Veloso entitled “Intervalo” that immediately reached the first place in the absolute top of Airplay in Portugal, becoming the theme National of the year (most played) – source Nielsen Radio Control.

His first album, Per7ume, is released by Chiado / Vidisco and entered the AFP Official Top 2008, the weekly chart of the 30 best-selling albums in Portugal, having stayed there for a total of twelve weeks. , reaching the 8th position as the top spot. The disc was accompanied by a sample of perfume on the spine, the P7, created by the band’s members at Kenzo’s laboratories in Italy.

Also invited to participate in the recordings was the pianist Dan McAlister in the ballad “(star of) Má Sorte”, theme that was part of the soundtrack of the soap opera “Podia Acabar o Mundo” by SIC.

The single “Intervalo” is #1 on the top of downloads on iTunes, on the top of ringtones and ringtones platforms and on the top of downloads on the vodafone live portal. The theme enters the European Top 100 (the highest National of all time) and gains international recognition.

The debut album – homonym – is awarded the Gold record, for sales exceeding 10,000 physical units.

Also in 2008, they participated in the multi-platinum album Tributo a Carlos Paião, with a version of the song “Versos de Amor”.

In 2009, José Luis Rodrigues took the place of Elísio Donas, on piano and keys.

The band then starts the “Aroma” tour, which travels through the country, the islands and Portuguese communities abroad (France, Switzerland, England, Luxembourg), on stages such as Queimas das tapes, Football Stadiums, the Coliseu do Porto, Summer Festivals and for the President of the Republic – prof. Cavaco Silva, at his invitation, for the 2008 Christmas party at Palácio de Belém.

The two most emblematic shows at the end of 2008, in Porto – Cine Batalha and Lisbon – Aula Magna, resulted in the live DVD that accompanied the reissue of their debut album in March 2009. At the beginning of the same year, the band recorded two new songs to include in the reissue as Bonus – “Ao Ouvido”, which would be the promotion single and “Amor em Gramas”. They also included the acoustic version of “Intervalo”, a duet with Rui Veloso, which was already part of several national compilations. The promotion of this launch was in charge of RFM.

In 2009, they are nominated in the category of “Best Newcomer of the Year” at the XIV Golden Globes Gala scheduled for May 17, being part of the four performers or groups with albums released and that were revealed in 2008.

During the 2nd semester of 2009 and the end of the “Aroma” Tour, they entered the studio with the purpose of recording the new album of originals to be released in 2010, also with the Chiado / Vidisco label and with production and arrangements by Vitor Silva.

The band’s second album “Mudo”, was released on April 24, 2010. The launch is accompanied by an imposing promotion campaign, which highlights the generic of the TVI soap opera “Mar de Paixão”, a series that included even more 3 “Mute” themes for the soundtrack. The album produced two successful double A-side singles – “(eu)MUDO” / “The more I have, the more I have to lose” and “ÉS TU (elixir of dreams)” / “My best, your worst” . This was followed by a special edition in digipack format – exclusive to Fnac, with a DVD containing the band’s show at the burning of the tapes in Porto, held in 2009 and which shared the stage with Rui Veloso.

Also in 2010, PER7UME were nominated for the MTV EMA (Best Portuguese Act) awards and recorded a DVD in the middle of the Tour, recorded in acoustic format during the band’s 3rd anniversary party, the DVD support would accompany the reissue of “Mudo ” in 2011, which had the 9th place in the 30+ table as the highest position in the TOP AFP of physical sales. This release was the motto for Rádio Comercial’s “smallest concert in the world”, which was the official radio for the reissue of the aforementioned record.

2011 would be the 2nd year of the “Mudo” tour and the release of the 3rd single from this album, this time the theme “se me falas assim” was extracted, which would later be synchronized with the TVI soap opera “Couco Amor”, where the band participated in some of the episodes. At the end of this year the band would record a single to celebrate the Christmas season, for which they invited Mafalda Arnauth for a duet. “Presente no Natal” would be included in a special box – “Vault” that included, in addition to the physical single already mentioned, the special editions of “Mudo” and the reissue of “PER7UME” – CD+DVD and also a generic, personalized perfume by the group itself – “3D”. This was a limited edition of 1000 numbered and signed metal boxes.

André Areias takes the place of José Luis Rodrigues, on piano and keys.

In 2012 PER7UME ended the “Mudo 2.0” Tour with a show that would generate a DVD in the form of ‘Best of’. The event in question took place on the 2nd of November and sold out the room at the Rivolo cine-teatro in Porto, bringing together all the fans and, above all, the usual guests on stage. Patricia Candoso, Dan McAllister, Elísio Donas, Luís Portugal, Mafalda Arnauth and, of course, Rui Veloso were also present.

Also in 2012, they started the mega-production of the 3D trilogy, initially intended to be the band’s 3rd album with an inherent 3D graphic design in anaglyphic stereoscopy technology; from videos, artwork, photos and even the official website. The idea evolved into the creation of 3 albums to be released in subsequent years, with reference to each of the axes of the 3 dimensions. “X” would come out in 2014, “Y” in 2017 and “Z” is expected to be released in 2020, all of them produced by the band themselves in their studios in Porto.

“Eixo X” had a very successful single, called “Porto (à moda do)”, with high rotation of Antena 1, Rádio Comercial and RFM, where it reached the top of airplay (3rd place).

Enter Mafalda Brogueira to replace André Areias on piano and keys and Jorge Sousa to replace Bruno Oliveira on drums.

It should be noted that in 2015 the collective reissued “Eixo X” in a deluxe book / CD format, commemorating the 7 years of activity, which contained never-edited photos of the band, as well as the successful single (Bonus) – “A untitled song”.

The “X” Tour took place between 2014 and 2017, and in 2015 Rui Fernandes took the place of Mafalda Brogueira on piano and keys and introduced Sax to the group.

In 2017, finally, the band sees its perfume “Y” being marketed in male and female variants, in partnership with Bazar da Publicidade and S Parfum.

As an advance of the album “Eixo Y”, PER7UME released two singles with video clips; “Mau Remédio” – performed in VR360º and “E Sai (opens the door)”, shot on the Headshot Paintball circuit.

With the release of “Eixo Y”, back to the Vidisco label, the group sees two more singles / videos being made public simultaneously: – “Espécie (or definition) of Amor” feat. Paulo Sousa and “Retro TV”, the anthem to 60 years of television in Portugal, with the support of RTP.

“Eixo Y” was first performed live at the famous “Aalt Stadhaus” room in Luxembourg on May 10, 2017 and then at the Passos Manuel room (at Coliseu do Porto) on 07/07/17, when the band celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2018 José Meireles (guitar) founding member leaves the project.

PER7UME continued to promote the record and develop the “Y” tour, until the release of “3D * Z Axis”, which will be released in early 2020 and has already started to be recorded, knowing that the lineup could be;

  • Porno-“Eurotic” (with red dot)
  • (de)shooting star
  • Reasons that reason does not know
  • false modesty
  • Emergencies
  • Massage my ego
  • What if it’s true? (Conspiracy theory)
  • VII Act
  • VIII Act
  • IV Act

Also in 2019, the band took to the road with the tour “PERFUME AÚSTICO”, which ran across the country, islands and Portuguese communities, which started in Porto on April 8 at the famous Teatro Sá da Bandeira.

It was in this year that the band was awarded the Gold disc for the compilation “Oceano Pacífico” by RFM.

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