Pólo Norte is a Portuguese musical band of pop rock style that appeared in 1992, succeeding the band Honoris Causae. Miguel Gameiro, António Villas-Boas, Rodrigo Ulrich, Francisco Aragão and Tiago Oliveira were the founders of the band. Miguel Gameiro is the vocalist and author of most of the songs produced by the group.

The group consists (2007) of the following elements: Miguel Gameiro (voice), Tó Almeida (guitar), Marco Vieira (bass), Luís Varatojo (drums)

In 2020 the band is preparing a celebration of 25 years of career with a Tour where you can hear the greatest hits. Members: Miguel Gameiro (Voice), Tiago Oliveira (Classical Guitar), Pedro Zagalo (Keyboards), Tó Almeida (Electric Guitar), Rui Fadigas (Bass), Rui Carvalho (Drums).

The band was founded in 1992 in the region of Belas, in the municipality of Sintra, by Miguel Gameiro, António Villas-Boas, Rodrigo Ulrich, Francisco Aragão, Tó Rodrigues and Tiago Oliveira.

In 1994, the band published their first album entitled Expedição, which included the band’s first hits such as: Lisboa and Grito. In 1996, the band published an album called «Aprender a Ser Feliz», one of their most emblematic titles, awakening a huge number of fans across the country. In 1999 they recorded their third album of originals entitled «Longe», culminating in one of the best phases of the band, in which the interest of the public and publishers was already aroused. In 2000, they published a live album with all the band’s successes up to that year, in a live concert at Aula Magna, in Lisbon. In 2002, the group released the album «Jogo da Vida», with “Pura Inocência” being the most prominent song, having been soundtracks in a TVI soap opera, entitled Saber Amar.

In 2005, he published the album “Deixa o Mundo Girar”, considered by many critics as the best of the band and with a more rock load than the previous ones. Three singles were extracted from this album: the homonymous title, Caminha o Mundo Girar, A Dança and Pele, all with great success, having been part of the soundtracks of several telenovelas. On June 11, 2007, the album Caminha o Mundo Girar was reissued, published in two CDs, including the first the ten tracks from the original 2005 and the second the five songs that the group performed live on April 13, 2007 at the RFM auditorium in a mini-concert. In April 2008, the album 15 Anos was published, a compilation of his greatest hits and two originals. In 2015, the album «Miguel Gameiro & Pólo Norte – 20 Anos» was published. On October 29, 2021, they played a concert in Sintra to mark the 25th anniversary of their career.

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