Portuguese female DJs who give us music (and much more)

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Almost all of us have taken on the role of disc jockey at some point in our lives. But there are those who take the art of choosing music very seriously. So much so that it is a profession for many people. There are also people for whom it is a hobby that ends up gaining prominence, becoming a second profession, as is the case of actress Ana Marta Ferreira who is learning to be a DJ.

And if there are Portuguese men who stand out on national and international dance floors, there are several women who are at the same level as them. We made a selection of some Portuguese female DJs who give us music and more. Because, truth be told, with them the dance floors take on a different beauty.

As with Ana Marta Ferreira, there are many women who are taking their first steps as a DJ. But there are also others who are already big names in the industry and who have a past full of successes. One example is the famous DJ Poppy, who took her first steps in the 90s, at Alcântara Mar. The mysterious poppy has already won several awards, being an inspiration for new talents.

Another strong name is Kika Lewis, who began her DJ career in 1996 when she was just 11 years old. It has already reached a level that makes it requested for major international parties. The DJ’s talent led to her being voted the best national female DJ on several occasions.

Passion that passes into profession
There are also examples of women for whom music was promoted from a passion to a profession. Once a businesswoman, Rita Egídio has long assumed the role of Rocky G, a DJ who has conquered her space, performing at several parties. Isabel Figueira, increasingly focused on her acting career, transformed her love of music into a profession. It is common to find the actress at various parties, as happened at the last edition of the Rock in Rio festival.

Known by many Portuguese for participating, as a decorator, in the program “Querido, Mudei a Casa”, Marta Liliana is known on the dance floor as MissLyl. DJ since 2006, Marta Liliana stands out for her distinct and original style that stands out in each performance.

New names for the future
As for the future, there are several names that are beginning to emerge and stand out on the national scene. And in this sense it is impossible not to mention Evelina Almeida, better known as Von Di Carlo, who started composing songs at just 11 years old. It is said that when he was 16, the famous DJ Pete Tha Zouk played his original on the dance floor. At 23 years old, she also works as a music producer, having already collaborated with artists such as Buraka Som Sistema, Branko, D’ Alva and Blaya.

Another of the names highlighted is Sara Santini. She’s 27 years old, she’s from Porto and she’s playing music all over the world. With thousands of followers on social media, this Portuguese DJ is, for now, better known abroad than in Portugal.

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