The R.A.M.P. are a Portuguese thrash metal band, formed in 1988, in the municipality of Seixal. Of the classic elements of the formation, only Ricardo Mendonça (guitar) and Rui Duarte (vocals) remain.

With 9 released albums, R.A.M.P. prove to be a force of nature, which keeps them as one of the reference bands of heavy music made in Portugal.

Known as the best kept secret of the Portuguese Metal scene, R.A.M.P. set new standards for the entire heavy music movement in this small but exciting and talented country.

The first riff was born in 1988 and it is since that distant year that the various musical and artistic paths taken by R.A.M.P. revealed a multifaceted band – the biggest brand that makes them always want to go further.

Constantly seeking more and greater quality as the main condition of life, they managed to achieve a recognized reputation in the studio and especially live, where they sign devastating presentations.

The first recording took place in 1992 through Multinacional Polygram.
“Thoughts” was considered by the mythical broadcaster António Sérgio a true stone in the pond, from which heavy music in Portugal would never be the same again.

The motto was set with the mythical opening made by the band at Dramático de Cascais to the heavyweights Sepultura.

In 1995 with their second album “Intersection” the R.A.M.P. were the first Portuguese metal band to reach the top of sales – thousands of copies were sold at a time when few believed that a Thrash metal band could do it.

They became a regular presence at major festivals and played on the same stages as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Tool, Sepultura, Alice Cooper, Fear Factory, Motorhead, Paradise Lost, Slayer, Manowar, Angra, Ill Niño, Drowning Pool, Exploited, Benediction, Dismember, Ratos de Porão, Rollin´s Band, Monster Magnet, etc.

His third work “EDR” saw the light of day in 1998 having been recorded in Nottingham (England) at Square Center Studios and produced by Simon Efemey.

The theme “For a While” was a radio success, being among the ten best songs of the year on Rádio Comercial.
Being the R.A.M.P. pioneers were the first Portuguese Metal band to release a live CD.

The release of this double CD, at the end of 1999, brought together 18 songs from the three original albums and was recorded in Seixal, during the show celebrating the band’s tenth anniversary.

In 2003 they decided to bet on a new approach. Taking all the risks of production and editing demonstrates to everyone that a band could control all aspects of their work and be completely independent.

“Nude” was a giant step against all the power of the music industry, a statement of strength and vitality that once again inspired a whole new wave of musicians trying to find their space.

With a superb Graphic Layout this cd was a cry of revolt with an incredible maturity of arrangements and subtleties.

In 2005 they released “Planet Earth” and the first line-up change of R.A.M.P. With production once again in charge of the band and also containing a multimedia section with several surprises, this EP marks a new stage.

Direct contact with the fans is the bet and for that a “Planet Earth Tour” of 15 dates in reduced spaces is set up in Portugal, in order to make intimate concerts. The EP’s do not enter the normal commercial circuit and are only sold at live shows and on the band’s website. Once again, the Ramps believe in what is most precious to them: their desire to shake consciences and be close to their audience, which they respect so much.

Their 5 album of originals comes out in 2009. Once again they assume the production being the mix made by the Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand and mastered by Jim Brick in New York.
That year they played for the second time with Metallica, alongside Slipknot, Machine Head, Lamb of God and Mastodont.

There are more changes in their formation, but they are present at Rock in Rio in 2010 and 2012.
In the celebration of 25 years of career (2013), and using the words of vocalist Rui Duarte, a “…recapitulation of the experience and moments…” of R.A.M.P..

XXV 1988-2013 is that and much more: a double CD that takes us on a journey through the career of R.A.M.P..
On CD1, among the 18 songs selected by the Band, we find the hymns that built the reputation of R.A.M.P.: “Hallelujah”, “For a While”, “Alone”, “Black Tie”, “All Men Taste Hell”, and the seminal “Thoughts ”.

CD2 offers 15 mostly unreleased tracks: 6 acoustic versions of some of the most emblematic R.A.M.P. (“Alone”, “So You Say”, “For a While”) and 9 electric versions of songs that marked the band’s career, with emphasis on the never-before-recorded “I Ran” (A Flock Of Seagulls), “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” (REM), “Deliverance” (The Mission), “Fuck You” (Wild Dogs), “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (Twisted Sister) and “Walk Like An Egyptian” (Bangles) one of R.A.M.P. that always marked the live shows

In 2022, after two years of the pandemic and more Line-up changes, they launch their last sound attack.
More than an album, “Insidiously” becomes a proof of life and experiences in which the conception process was considered by themselves as having been the most violent so far in the band’s history.

Taking music critics by surprise, R.A.M.P. sell out their release date with yet another explosive concert that has dispelled any doubts about the vitality of their new line-up.

With 9 released albums, R.A.M.P. prove to be a force of nature, which keeps them as one of the reference bands of heavy music made in Portugal.

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