Some failures on online radio stations with chat rooms

A few days ago we entered a well-known chat room, and we could see that, as in many other rooms on the internet, there are radio administrators who discredit the image of one or another radio-broadcaster.

Apparently there is a broadcaster who for some reason has not appeared on a radio and there was no one who contacted him to understand the reason for his absence.

As we tried to figure out what it was, it was mentioned by a member of that chat room that the Clave24 website was a news website where there was a lot of blood, in fact this website never talked about politically based news or any other subjects other than promoting only Portuguese singers and bands. In other words, it’s a music site. Was always.

For this same reason we could understand that some radios added to our site are not recognized by the administrators themselves. Many, innocently, still think that this website (Clave24) is a radio, which leads us to believe that they have no idea what is being talked about in this space.

This is just one of the big failings of many streaming chat room administrators. Most forget that all radios added to the Clave24 website are there for the publicity, we don’t radio all of them and many more will be added in the future.

It is a pity because we are promoting a space belonging to others, but there is no recognition on the part of those who manage these places, nor do they really know what is being done here.

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