Stereosauro is the artistic name of Tiago Norte, born on August 12, 1978, in Caldas da Rainha, where he currently lives. His career is marked by the mix between electronic music and other musical styles. He is a DJ, producer, author and composer and edited one of the most praised albums in Portuguese music in 2019, Bairro da Ponte. Since he was a child, music was part of his path, always listening to all the records that came into his hands.

During his adolescence he was part of some garage bands and had some relatives who played instruments and also had their own bands, which awakened his musical vein even more. During that period hip hop and punk were his favorite genres, however he started playing with his grandmother’s record player to try out the sound and from then on no one in his group wanted to play the drums anymore, everyone wanted to go scratching records.

It was at that time that he bought his first computer and started making beats and getting samples from the records he listened to. Although music has always been his path, Stereossauro also studied Design and Visual Arts, having worked in that area. He also has a passion for skateboarding, having practiced this sport and taken numerous falls, breaking an arm, however, he complements this passion with music, having in 2015 made a mixtape of Get Buck, to accompany the skaters.

In Caldas da Rainha he also met Oliveiros Tomás Oliveira, DJ Ride, and started to work together, exchanging scratch techniques, beats, information and seeing which one of them could do better. They worked between their relatives’ homes, until they formed the BeatBombers in 2003, having started to give concerts, first in their homeland and later becoming one of the best known DJ groups in our country.

They are awarded, given that in 2011 they won 1st place in the World Championship of the International DJ Association, a prize that they repeated again in 2016, which deserved a huge highlight from the group both nationally and internationally. In the same championship they had already ranked 2nd in 2010 and 2012 and 3rd in 2014, which clearly reveals the extraordinary quality of the two DJs. His first work appeared in 2012, entitled BeatBombers Present Tuga Breakz, a vinyl record with 12 tracks, edited as a maxi-single.

In terms of albums, it was in 2017 with the self-titled BeatBombers that they achieved greater projection, and later became known for their remixes of the theme Verdes Anos, used in several advertisements and also in the initial parade of flags during the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest. Canção 2018, at the Altice Arena, in Lisbon, where we could all watch the work of the BeatBombers. A promotional CD was released for this event with some songs by this duo and also with remixes of Verdes Anos by Carlos Paredes, and Barco Negro by Amália Rodrigues.

However, over time, Stereossauro also charted a solo career, releasing his first work entitled Bombas Em Bombos in 2014, with numerous collaborations. However, the great work of this author and composer was Bairro da Ponte, in 2019, where he makes extraordinary collaborations, mixing styles and providing very interesting themes.

Camané, NBC, Plutónio, Slow J, Ana Moura, Capicua, Gisela João, Carlos do Carmo, Dino d’Santiago, The Legendary Tigerman, Rui Reininho, DJ Ride, Paulo de Carvalho, among many others, participate in this disc. of this work one of the most praised last year. This was undoubtedly one of the riskiest and most ambitious works in terms of Portuguese music, where Stereossauro managed to mix his beats and his music with totally opposite styles such as Fado or African music, resulting in a work of enormous quality.

Stereosauro was one of the authors invited to Festival da Canção 2021, in which he presented a theme in the 1st semifinal, on February 20, 2021.


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