The best places to listen music in Porto


Do you like listening to good music, accompanied by a cocktail or a glass of wine?

So gather your friends and pay a visit to one of these bars to listen to live music in Porto. Pay attention to each person’s schedule and choose the style that suits you best. Regularly, you will find pop, rock, jazz, blues, bossa nova and even samba concerts. The music is combined with the good atmosphere of the bars – for example, one of them has one of the best views of the city, while another is one of the best clubs. Have a good time.

Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club
If you are a fan of the cozy, dimly lit and intimate atmosphere that you associate with New York jazz clubs, this is for you. Hot Five (full name: Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club) is the oldest club of its kind in the city. It holds concerts every week from Wednesday to Sunday, in styles that range from jazz to blues, from funk to soul, including some tribute concerts. Feel at home (or in the Big Apple, or in New Orleans…).

Apuro – Vegan Bar
At Apuro, the first vegan bar in the city, expect food without any ingredients of animal origin, craft beer and events such as workshops, conversations or concerts. The program, designed in partnership with the Porto publisher Planalto, is eclectic and highlights artists from the most varied areas.

The first vegan bar in the city was created in October by Natacha Meunier, author of the blog Vegan Purista, and two partners. “I decided to take a risk and create something a little different that I could identify with,” she explains. Expect food without any ingredients of animal origin, craft beer and events, such as concerts, workshops or conversations.

Mirajazz is a new project linked to the Grupo Musical de Miragaia led by Rui Marques, Renato Rodrigues and Alessandro. Here jazz rules most, both in the playlist that plays during the week and on Saturdays with live music, between 6pm and 8pm.

Although the objective is not to set up a jazz club, the aim is to “deconstruct that imagination of listening to jazz in a dark basement”, says Rui Marques, one of the partners. There’s open air, there’s a river right in front and there’s light: Mirajazz is a late-afternoon bar, with closing time at 9pm. The concerts feature students from music schools on stage, as the idea is also to promote new jazz formations and “provide a space where more students can play”.

In addition to jazz, Portuguese wine is the other part of the Mirajazz equation. They have around 25 references from various regions (glasses from €3), which are paired with toast, such as foie gras with walnuts and grapes or salmon with dill sauce. The menu was created in partnership with a wine club and there is also the possibility of buying bottles of wine to take home (or drink there, of course).

Maus Habitos (Bad Habits)
And on a fourth floor, music, art, food, drink, cafes and parties come together. Everything in symbiosis, in a space where imagination and creativity are unleashed and where heterogeneous audiences meet. Right in front of the Coliseu do Porto, Maus Hábitos is the ideal venue for everything to do with experimentalism.

In addition to exhibitions, workshops, parties and films, at Maus Hábitos there is also live music every week. It can happen once, twice or more times a week. There is an infinite range of sound aesthetics — you just have to pay attention to the agenda.

Casa Do Livro (House of the Book)
Have you ever imagined a bar in an old bookstore? This is exactly what happens at Casa do Livro, in downtown Porto. When it comes to music, there is something for all tastes: from soul to jazz, live music and even DJs. And, of course, the theme doesn’t stop at the name. The walls are full of books.

In this place you do more than drink wine and other drinks, or dance to the different styles of the DJs who stop by on the weekends. At Casa do Livro there is also live music. Names like Nanghiti, Tresor&Bosxh, Luca Argel, Aline Paes and André Siqueira, plus Seu Jorge’s band, have already played there. The names are released weekly on the Facebook page, so keep an eye out.

From the ashes of Cave 45, on Rua das Oliveiras, a new rock club was born. Barracuda is located in the old Traçadinho bar, which operated as an annex to the Gare. In the case of Barracuda, what rules most is rock and subgenres such as stoner, psychedelic, punk and rockabilly. The agenda is always full.

For Rodas, “it’s not shocking” to have these two spaces side by side: the musical stance is different but “they are two underground clubs”. In the case of Barracuda, what rules most is rock and subgenres such as stoner, psychedelic, punk and rockabilly, which Rodas wants to recover from the Armazém do Chá days.

Now you know where to stop when visiting Porto in Portugal!
Have fun!

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