Ex-Votos was a Portuguese music band, whose formation included Zé Leonel, one of the founding members of Xutos & Pontapés and who also contributed to the foundation of Peste & Sida, who died in the 21 April 2011.

Still in the 80’s, when asked about the name, Zé Leonel , replied “This is the Ex-Votos in the fulfillment of making music in Portugal and this is our church”. Thus, the band ended up adopting this name.

In 1996 , the single Subtilezas Porno-Populares was released on the compilation album A Idade do Pecado.

In 1999 , the band was invited by Xutos & Pontapés to participate in their 20th anniversary album, XX Anos XX Bandas , where they performed the theme Sémen.

The band performed a version of the original song “Fado do Estudante” from the film A Canção de Lisboa (Song Of Lisbon) , where it is performed by Vasco Santana.

The band’s last concert with founder Zé Leonel , who had Daniel Baptista (guitars, mandolin and vocals), Miro do Carmo (bass and vocals), Pedro Ferreira (guitar and vocals) and JP Teixeira (drums), took place on April 13, 2011 in Odivelas , with the special participation of Kalú, also a founding member of Xutos & Pontapés and several former members of the band.

After a period of mourning and uncertainty within the band, after the death of Zé Leonel, the elements of the same opted for continuity (defended and expressed by Zé Leonel himself , in the interview made by Luís Silva do Ó in the scope of the book “Bookstage – Behind the scenes of Portuguese Rock”). Daniel Baptista assumes the lead voice and saxophonist Zéquinha and Pedro Cestinho re-enter the accordion and synthesizer.

In 2016, the album “A Cantiga Contínua” is released, a new record that, in addition to affirming the continuity of the project with new themes, also includes revisited hits such as “Subtilezas Porno Populares” and “Canto aos Peixes”.

The disc with the special participation of Tiago Flores (Corvos) and Ana Filipa Rodrigues (former member), among others.

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