Três Tristes Tigres

Três Tristes Tigres (Three Sad Tigers) is a Portuguese musical band formed in the 1990s. The band is best known for the theme “O Mundo a Meus Pés” (The World at My Feet).

The beginning

Since 1987, the ex-Ban Ana Deus worked and collaborated with the poet Regina Guimarães in the authorship of songs for theater and video. Keyboardist Paula Sousa (ex – Reporter Estrábico ) ends up entering a more advanced stage. In 1992 the first formation of the group is defined. The name was chosen because it is a tongue twister and because they thought it was funny to have sadness in the light music that is associated with fun.


The first album by Três Tristes Tigres, “Partes Sensíveis”, was released in 1993. The popularity of the theme “O Mundo A Meus Pés” meant that later editions of the album had an image of Ana Deus taken from the music video on the cover. .

Paula Sousa leaves in December 1993. The group participates in the tribute album to António Variações with “Anjinho da Guarda”. Alexandre Soares, who collaborated in the recording of “Anjinho da Guarda”, joins the group.

In the meantime, they begin to prepare the second album of originals, “Guia Espiritual”, which sees the light of day at the beginning of 1996 . The album was highly acclaimed and awarded the Blitz prize for the Best National Album of the Year and the project also took the award for Best National Group. “Zap Canal” is one of the most publicized themes on national radio.

At the end of 1998 , their third album, “Comum”, was released. This included the theme “Lack (form)” with the participation of Manuela Azevedo dos Clã. The live line-up now includes João Pedro Coimbra (drums, percussion) and Pedro Moura (programs).

In May 1999, the show “Fera Consentida” was presented in Lisbon and Porto, based on a text by Maria Gabriela Llansol.


On the 19th and 20th of February 2000, the show “KITCHnet” by Ana Deus with texts by Regina Guimarães is premiered at the Carlos Alberto Auditorium .

In 2001 , the compilation “Visita de Estudos” was published with themes from all the albums, the theme “Anjinho da Guarda” and as novelties the theme “Coisas Azuis”, conceived for the show “Ferida Consentida”, a new version of “Subida to the Heavens” and a remix by JP Coimbra for “O Mundo A Meus Pés”.

Alexandre Soares is the author of the soundtrack for the film “Ganhar a Vida” by João Canijo . In the film can be heard the theme “Femme Hunger” by the Three Sad Tigers.

In 2006, the book “As Letras como Poesia” is published by Objecto Cardíaco, which includes an analysis of the Letters by Regina Guimarães for TTT, republished in 2009 by Afrontamento.

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