The brainchild of musician Bruno Sobral, Tsunamiz brings a genre-defying sound to the masses. Sonically energizing and infectious, his music traipses between rock, electronic and pop creating something unique and entirely Tsunamiz.

Since his debut album Evil Live in 2015 to the most recent single, the Portugal-based artist has received acclaim from curators and critics alike. Garnering a loyal following internationally, Tsunamiz has been featured in notable publications and played almost all of Portugal’s most famous venues.

Adopting a true DIY approach to music production, Tsunamiz has recorded and released independent albums almost every year since 2015’s Evil Live.

Unafraid to delve into the grittier areas of life, Tsunamiz often touches on cultural, personal and social references in his intriguing lyricism – these include alienation, the human condition and bullying.

Following the DIY (do it yourself) ethic, Tsunamiz composes, records and produces his own music, having released it independent an album almost every year.

Tsunamiz has attracted attention with its concerts unique and captivating. Tsunamiz’s performances are always a special experience, with an energetic atmosphere that brings together diverse communities and cultures.

Lyrically, the artist is not afraid to delve into the areas darkest aspects of life, addressing personal, social and and cultural in its intriguing lyricism, including themes such as alienation and the human condition.

Personally, I like the songs he composes, I’ve been listening to him since Kairos, which was one of the first songs I heard on Cládio Silva’s Cascais Garage program.

I’m not an expert who can talk much about music, but I take my hat off to an artist who fights for music and can tell that it runs through his veins. The sound are very different from what we are used to hearing on the radio.

And for Portugal Music and I (Carlos De Castilho), it is an honor to be able to promote our rising Portuguese artists. I am sure that this artist will go far and we will be happy to follow his career!

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