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Tiago Teixeira, better known as TT, is a Portuguese singer, producer, song writer, performer and composer. TT is the most awarded artist in national R&B. “Vem Cá”, “Dança Este Som”, “Lady Deixa-te Levar”, “Faz Acontecer” and “Não Há Mais Nada” are his best-known songs.

Named homonymously TT, his first CD, released on September 17, 2007, achieved the Golden Record award and includes hits such as “Dança Este Som”, “Vem Cá”, “Lady, Deixa-te Levar” and “Faz Acontecer”. This work already includes some appearances on albums by other singers and bands, such as Diana Lucas, Flow 212, Tekilla, Iniciado, Sam The Kid, Nuno Guerreiro (Ala dos Namorados).

As a measure of the success achieved by the singer, the more than 30 million views of his music videos on YouTube are revealed.

TT themes, such as “Vamos Fazer a Festa”, “Dança Este Som”, “Não Há Mais Nada” or “Faz Acontecer”, were part of the soundtrack of the television series Morangos com Açúcar, on TVI. The theme “Lady Deixa-te Levar” belongs to the soundtrack of the youth series Rebelde Way´, on SIC.

In 2009, TT released a new single “Não Há Mais Nada” paving the way for his second album Além Mais Que Uma Razão. The new album, released on July 27, 2009, featured several appearances by artists such as Flow 212, Diana Lucas, Tekilla, Daniel Nascimento, Petty or Sam the Kid.

TT’s music crossed borders. In 2010 alone, there were multiple collaborations. From Latin America (Dulce Maria’s debut album) to the French-speaking universe.
His second album Mais que uma Razão also reached the Golden Record Award.

In 2013 TT begins to present its new album, first presenting “Chica Latina”, a single and music video recorded in New York with en:Dollarman, an award-winning Caribbean singer, based in the USA. Releases the energetic single “Oh… La!… La!” and after two more music videos he decided to release, on November 27, 2013, his album Tem Sido Assim along with a music video and the song “Semper Te Amei”.

As a producer, composer and lyricist, TT has done several works with artists such as Soul D, Carlos Costa (Ídolos 3), Jey Gomez, Bruno Mendez or Lady V.

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