Vivámusica – Portuguese TV Music Show

RTP (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa) has always had programs dedicated to music, and in the 80s Vivámúsica was one of the most outstanding. It was a regular company for all music lovers at the end of Saturday afternoon, with a presentation by Jorge Pego.

Vivámúsica arose from the need for RTP to present all the music videos that arrived at the station, it began to be broadcast fortnightly on RTP 2 but its popularity made it move to the first channel, being broadcast weekly on Saturdays in the late afternoon.

Jorge Pego, who hosted Todos No Top on Rádio Comercial, was the presenter chosen for the program, defining the lines of the program with the help of João Igreja and Manuel Medeiros. One of his suggestions, for example, was to increase the focus on Portuguese music, thus coinciding with the boom that was taking place in national Rock.

It began broadcasting in early 1981, moving to the first channel at the end of that year. The music videos began to be filmed and produced by elements of the program, thus helping to promote national music and the success of one passed by the success of the other. Pego said several times that the program’s popularity had its peak, when national rock was also at the top of popularity.

In 1986, a second series was produced, with the program gaining more minutes and presenting more international music, also because RTP’s support for more videoclips with national artists ceased to exist. A third series was also made, which started to present the national top seller and to have another presenter, Luís Montez.

It didn’t last much longer and was replaced by another one of its kind, something that unfortunately doesn’t happen today on our public station. In Antena 1 there has been a program since the 90s with almost the same name, just separating the words giving it a more formal air.

It really is a piece of history, but unfortunately there aren’t any videos or pictures of this show from that time.
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