Web radios – what are they?

Also known as internet radios or online radios – it is a digital radio that broadcasts its programs over the Internet using streaming technology, through a real-time transmission service.

For many years, web radios have been one of the best forms of communication worldwide and give the opportunity to thousands of people to have their own radio station even if they don’t have much experience our material for it.

In my personal experience, I have noticed that almost every day there is a new web radios with the most creative names ever, such as: Radio Carinho and Paixão; Radio Love Everything Wins; Radio Top60 Olhão; and so on. All names that have everything to catch the attention of potential listeners and even new announcers.

All these projects have an exclusive feature, they all have a chat room which, in most cases, is always created in xat.com which is an online platform where several people communicate at the same time or in private, they can request songs to listen, dedicate, etc.

In these specific radios, there is not a show that is elaborate enough and that has a more developed content, the broadcasts are generally based on music and the announcer himself informs of the titles of the same, as for example: “We have just heard the song X , and now let’s listen to the music Y”, and during 2 hours of broadcast the style repeats itself and once again, there is not much creativity.

For more than 10 years I have been trying to help several web radios of this type to develop in terms of more elaborate broadcasts. Remembering that streams are purchased or, most of the time, rented monthly and there is a maximum number of listeners that is never reached. Therefore, people invest in this type of “toy” that with a little more effort could go much further and even make money with it.

But this is just a summary of what we are going to develop in this category of web radios. There are a lot of wrong things that continue to be put into practice, and there are not many people who want to make changes for the better because they simply invest in a toy that is useful for those who create the project and for the friends and family who listen to the radio station that, in the end, it’s not even a radio station.

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