Acromanianos come from Bobadela, Loures and emerged in November 1991. Initially made up of Serralha (voice, guitar), Yuki (drums) and JoJó Cadáver (bass), they were joined, shortly afterwards, by a new guitarist , Nuno.

At this initial stage, while the line up was not defined, JoJó was also abandoned, being immediately replaced by Muscles (bass). At the end of 1992, their first tape, entitled “AM”, was released. In 1994, a second demo was released, called “Olho do Cú”, in the same sound line, a kind of stupid punk rock that would be the band’s trademark throughout its entire career.

In 1995, Acromanianos would undergo another change, with the departure of drummer Yuki and the entry of Tico, a situation that would be repeated at the end of May 1996, with a third cassette released, when bassist Muscles left. to make way for a new element, Francisco. Still in 1996, the group took the first big step in its career by signing a record contract with an independent Portuguese label (Fast’N’Loud), with a view to publishing the band’s first album, a Split-CD shared with Brazilian band Subcut.

In October of that same year, a new change was made to the group’s constitution: guitarist Paulo Cardoso left without being replaced. 1997 and 1999 are years of new harvests through the release of new records on different labels. Many concerts and experience accumulates. The work recorded in 1999 ended up being released in cassette format, which will result in the second CD entitled “Qé Lête?!?” only be published in January 2001 on a self-editing basis.

On December 10, 2001, the Brazilian independent label Rotten Records, which has the Portuguese label (formerly Garotos Podres), invited Acromanianos to participate with three tracks from the album “Qé Lête?!?” in the collection “Urbanoise Vol.3”, a situation that would be repeated two years later with the project’s participation in the CD tribute to Garotos Podres. Finally, 2007 marks the return of Acromanianos to the studio, to record a new album of originals entitled “Bob”, which will only be released the following year. Parodying in a hilarious but vehement way facets of society as diverse as sex, religion or violence, this group has built, over the last decade, a consistent career of some relevance in the national underground scene.

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