ADN / Alexandre Garrett

A member of Porto’s musical movement in the second half of the 80s, Alexandre Garrett began his musical journey in bands with Face Oculta.

Benefiting from extensive musical training, the artist never had much trouble integrating into collectives, even being their normal leader, frontman and composer. Face Oculta later changed its name to Monument and Monument Project and, as part of these, released a 12-inch.

Together with Alex FX and Henrique Garrett he also created the maxi single “Nomum” and the soundtrack for “Orpheu 4”. In 1995, still with Alex FX and Ana Deus, Alexandre Garrett presented several shows with a repertoire exclusively composed of versions. It was time to present songs by Joy Division, Bauhaus, Pixies and David Bowie on Lisbon stages.

A year later, Alexandre Garrett gave voice to a new project, called ADN. The group was formed by Alexandret Garrett, Jorge Barreiros (keys, trumpet), Luís Paredes (bass) and Paulo Coelho (drums). Eduardo “Búfalo” (guitar, ex-Falecido Alves dos Reis and who had already been part of Monument with Garrett) also joined the group at an embryonic stage.

ADN were signed by EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, the label through which they released the album “Queres o Mundo”, produced by Mário Barreiros and Carlos Tê, obtained some radio airplay and from it were released the singles “Tu e Eu” and “Traço-te “. After more than 40 concerts across the country, ADN came to an end and Alexandre Garrett definitively launched himself solo.

“Mudar” was the musician’s debut album and “Mudar 3 Vezes” was the single that definitively launched him onto the Portuguese music scene. The band that accompanied the author live was made up of Paulo Martins (drums, Ramp, Corvos), Nuno Espírito Santo (bass, ex-Braindead and UHF) and Pedro Pereira (guitar).

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