Radio Tuga PT – The unfair bans

Well, I still say that people with certain mental disorders should see a doctor, and this is yet another case of an online radio administrator who, for some reason, decided to ban all radio entertainers on this online station. If this is not a mental problem, then the administrator must be ignorant.

We are talking about the administrator and owner of the radio, Anjo. There apparently isn’t much of an angel, but we explain why.

Tuga PT radio has always been an online radio where people broadcast online whenever they can, as is normal on all platforms of this style. Some radio announcers whenever they had time and availability, went online to this radio station and made broadcastings even if there were no announcers available or listeners to follow the show.

Until a certain day, for some reason most of the people who were part of this project ended up being “kick out” from the radio.

The guy that kick off everyone from his radio

My question is: what the hell is going on in the heads of these people who don’t know how to manage a webradio and kick out almost everyone, which was actually the majority.

The most serious thing about this story is that many who were in this radio project were banned and administrator Anjo did not give any reasons for this decision, or did talk to people and explain the reason for the bans. For those who don’t know, when a radio member on is banned, no one can see the conversations in the chat rooms and if the person is a radio announcer or entertainer, the streaming line simply stops working.

But let’s move on to the next phase:

Just from the excerpt of this conversation you can see that there are a lot of things that are not going well and many wrong things stand out. First, then I invite you to leave here immediately… well, I want to believe that we are not being invaded by zombies… is the person trying to protect me? Hmm, this is a chat room with a somewhat deluded administrator with a pseudo-webradio project, I don’t think it’s a type of protection, but whatever.

I have no justifications to give… wait, so you ban a member from the chat room and you don’t explain or mention the reason? It’s the same thing as being arrested and not knowing what crime you committed, but you’re still guilty of something that even you don’t know the reason for the accusation. Yes, I understand a little bit about laws, and things definitely don’t work like that, unless you’re in a chat room like Radio Tuga PT, in which this case guilty or not you will fuck off by the administrator.

Later you will know the reason… are you playing with my fucking face? Wasn’t that easier to say right away? Or they are still looking for reasons that don’t exist? You can only be stupid and ignorant because in truth this conversation doesn’t make any sense.

I’m honestly trying to understand what’s going on, I’m not going to stop here and obviously Facebook groups and other social midia will know about this, because the actions of radio administrators like this one don’t make any sense (and this one is just another one), and the unexplained decisions that lead to the banning of members who actually want to be present when there are no audiences.

Many other webradios like this will be revealed, not only because some are actually really good and humle, but because there are other who definitely should’t be online.

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