Agora Colora

Group formed in September 1985. That year they presented a multimedia show, organized by CM Almada, with the participation of António Manuel Ribeiro.

In 1986 they presented the shows “Coloreto I” and “Coloreto II”.

In early 1987, the group was formed by João Martins (voice and transverse flute), Carlos Teixeira (guitar), Ni (bass), Paulo Carmona (keys) and Pinho (drums). Six months later they had already given more than 43 concerts and signed a management contract with “Os Malucos da Pátria”.

On October 10, 1987 they played in Lisbon, in a concert included in the Jornadas do Império, with Gun Club and Mão Morta.

In 1988 they played at Rock Rendez Vous where they presented the themes “Deixa Lá”, “Mátria”, “Labirinto”, “Viajante”, “Batida de Dança” and “Lisboa Antiga”. The group was one of the three finalists in the Modern Music Competition that year.

On the album “Registos de Música Moderna Portuguesa”, published in 1989 by Dansa do Som, the theme “Mátria” is included.

It was planned to publish a CD, through Heaven Sound, but this did not materialize.


Records of Modern Portuguese Music (1989) – Mátria


Times of affirmation and subversion of the usual increased creative diversity in local multimedia production. In a soup of few nutrients, the group Agoracolora was formed, where I collaborated in the lyrics of some themes and in the performances presented in 2 shows in 1986, COLORETO I and COLORETO II.

Boiling artistic action in a possible medium, a rock and performance group, Produção G, emerged for the fusion of coherent musical and visual content, where the identity of each form of expression would be maintained. Having defined the form and function, we crossed the river over the bridge that separates it, taking with us the result of many hours of work, The light that illuminates me is black I and II, with two presentations at the Rock Rendez-vous, in Lisbon. However, we were disqualified with some regret from the organizers, the competition regulations prevented professionals from participating. In reality our life was Art, although it gave us nothing but Art. Shortly after, a show was presented in a public garden, on Youth Day in 1987. After that, G Production ended!


João Martins produced many bands during the 90’s. He was director of Prómusica magazine.

Vasco Vaz, guitarist of Mão Morta, was part of Agora Colora between 1990 and 1991.

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