Alberto Índio: a singer who faces pain and hope.

Alberto Índio is a Portuguese singer and composer who has a musical career spanning over 20 years. He is known for songs such as “A Noite”, “O Teu Lugar” and “Nada Mais Importa”. He also participated in television programs such as “The Voice Portugal” and “A Tua Cara Não Me É Estranha”.

But Alberto Índio’s life is not just music. He is the father of Inês, a 13-year-old girl who is fighting a rare type of bone cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. In October 2022, he received the worst news of his life, when he learned that his daughter had a malignant tumor on her left leg.

Since then, Alberto Índio has accompanied his daughter through chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, which are very aggressive and debilitating. He has done everything to give you strength, love and hope, even in the most difficult times.

Alberto Índio has also received support from many people, including friends, family, fans and public figures. One of the most striking examples was that of FC Porto coach, Sérgio Conceição, who dedicated the victory against Benfica, in January 2023, to the girl with cancer. The gesture moved the singer, who thanked him on social media.

Alberto Índio has also used music as a way to express his feelings and pay homage to his daughter. He released a song called “Inês”, which talks about his pain and her faith. He also did an acoustic version of the song “Hallelujah”, by Leonard Cohen, which he dedicated to his daughter on the program A Nossa Tarde, on RTP1.

On that same program, Alberto Índio was surprised by his daughter Inês, who sent him a video message. The girl said that she loved him very much and that she was proud of him. She also said that she had a lot of desire to live and that she would beat cancer.

Alberto Índio is an example of courage, love and resilience. He faces the biggest battle of his life with determination and optimism. He doesn’t give up on his daughter or his music. He is a singer who sings from the heart and touches the hearts of those who listen to him.

In 2011, he released his debut album “Sinceramente”, which was also the name of the first single, whose video reached more than 500,000 views on YouTube. The single “Podes Ser Tu” was also taken from the same album, which was part of the soundtrack for the soap opera “Mar de Paixão” on TVI.

In 2014, he came up with his new work, which he called “Aqui Mando Eu” and which includes the single “Quero-te Dizer”, one of the most played songs on national radio and whose video clip proved to be a success, with more 1 million views on YouTube, having reached 1st place in RFM’s “Top 25”.

History repeats itself and “Eu Sou Assim”, the 1st single from “Acústico” had almost 150,000 views on YouTube in just 1 month.

Owner of an undeniable talent and a peculiar voice, Alberto Indio has consolidated his career in music and this, his 3rd album, certainly represents the establishment of a lasting career.

The themes “Quero-te-dizer”, “Eu sou Assim” and the duets “Não sou de mais não não sou” (with the participation of Pedro Abrunhosa) and “Sinceramente” (with Mikkel Solnado) are some of the hits that we can find in “Acoustic”.

Revealing greater maturity, Alberto Indio takes the reins of yet another album, getting closer and closer to his origins and always maintaining the musical genuineness and honesty of the message.

In May 2020, he released what is the presentation theme that marks the artist’s return to recording: “Simples Assim”, entered directly into the TOP 25 of one of the main national radio stations and into the chart of the 100 most listened to songs in Portugal.

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