Pedro Khima

Pedro Khima: a multifaceted Portuguese music artist.

Pedro Khima is one of the most recognized names in contemporary Portuguese music. With a career that spans more than two decades, he has shown his versatility and talent as a singer, songwriter and music producer. In this article, we will learn a little more about his career, his influences and his current projects.

Pedro Khima was born in Lisbon, in 1979. From an early age, he showed an interest in music, having learned to play the guitar and piano. At age 15, he formed his first band, called Sally Lune, with his school friends. The alternative rock band released their only album, “Stereo-Jukebox”, in 2003, which was well received by critics and the public. The album included songs such as “Sally”, “Lune” and “Stereo-Jukebox”, which showcased the band’s energy and originality.

In 2007, Pedro Khima decided to pursue his solo career, releasing his first self-titled album, “Pedro Khima”. The album revealed a new facet of the artist, more intimate and melodic, with influences from pop, folk and Brazilian music. The album featured the hit “Esfera”, which was one of the most played songs on Portuguese radio that year. Other songs that stood out were “Fala-me de Amor”, “Ajante” and “O Teu Lugar”.

In 2009, Pedro Khima released his second solo album, “Pedaços”. The album was a step forward in his musical evolution, with a richer and more diverse sound, which incorporated elements of jazz, blues and world music. The album also featured the participation of several guest artists, such as Tiago Bettencourt, Mafalda Veiga and Pedro Abrunhosa. Some of the most striking songs on the album were “Pedaços”, “Entre Nós” and “O Que Ficau”.

Since then, Pedro Khima has dedicated himself to music production, working with artists such as Carolina Deslandes, Marco Rodrigues and Alberto Indio. He has also participated in several collective musical projects, such as Movimento Benfica, Tributo a José Afonso and Concerto por um Novo Futuro. In 2020, he released the single “Vem”, which anticipated his third solo album, scheduled for 2021.

Pedro Khima is a multifaceted artist, who is not limited to one genre or musical style. He is capable of creating songs that touch the hearts and souls of his listeners, with lyrics that speak of love, longing and hope. He is also a renowned music producer who helps other artists realize their dreams. Pedro Khima is, without a doubt, a reference in current Portuguese music.

Pedro Khima has worked mainly with Portuguese artists, both in his solo career and in his activity as a music producer. However, he has some musical influences from other countries, such as Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. He has also participated in some collective musical projects that involved artists of different nationalities, such as Movimento Benfica and Tributo a José Afonso.

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