Alémmar is a Portuguese music band, created in the 1990s, well known for the single “Deixa-me Olhar”.
Originally named Anúbis, the Alémmar project was created in the 1990s.

In 1997, they signed for the multinational MCA and became the only Portuguese band to be part of this label’s catalogue. 1998 marks the first editions. First with the single “Carolina”, which bursts on radios and clubs at the beginning of the year. In March, the first full-length album was published, with the homonymous title. The ballads “Deixa-me Olhar”, and “Já no mais Baladas” are the following singles. But this band doesn’t just live on romantic songs, and the songs “Profeta Messias”, “Rua do Bar”, “Carolina”, “Quinta da Minha Avó”, show that the band is versatile. The second album, published in October 1999, includes the singles “Ordem Natural”, “Olhares Cúmplices”, “Império em Chamas”, among other songs.

However, in September of the following year, after touring the country, the group decided to hibernate. Several reasons, including the completion of outstanding higher education courses, were at the origin of the outcome. And almost seven years later, seven years in which each one was doing other things, behold, when no one BELIEVED it, the band got together and outlined objectives. Once again, the name Alémmar once again had a meaning in the present.

After a gap of 7 years and when it already seemed that the project had been abandoned, the band released an album called Acreditar again.

TVI (an independent tv channel) adopted the single “Deixa-me Olhar” for “Deixa-me Amar” for the title and music of one of its tv series.

WE BELIEVED that it would be possible to play together again, to go on the road with our team (wonderful, by the way), to do what we like, which is to play, to do concerts, to feel that extraordinary feeling in the moments before climbing the stairs of stage, of being in front of an audience and feeling good. WE BELIEVE to see you soon.

Luís Santos (Roadie Alémmar)
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