Emerged in the midst of the effervescence of Portuguese popular music, in 1981 (between “Ar de Rock”, by Rui Veloso, and “Por Este Rio Acima”, by Fausto, which remained essential landmarks of that period), Mário Mata affirmed that if from an early age as a promoter of a modern popular aesthetic, through a language very close to everyday life, without neglecting aesthetic concerns or surrendering to facilitism.

“Não Há Nada Pra Nunca” was the musician’s first big hit, and marked an entire generation. By mixing popular roots music with pop/rock tones, Mário Mata was able to create his own style and leave his mark on Portuguese music in the last quarter of the 20th century.

After two more albums in a similar vein (“Não Mata Mas Mói”, 1982, and “Deix’ós Poisar”, 1988), he takes a long break from recording, to which he only returns eight years later, in 1994, with the album “Somos Portugueses”.

The commercial results were surprising and most of the songs were hits (“We are Portuguese”; “There are days in the morning”, “Let’s talk”, “I go to the city”, “I’m from Contra”, “Faz-te à life”).

In 2004 he returns to record publishing, with the cd «Dupla Face», where he tries to tread new paths.
Seven years later, another record, “Sinais do Tempo”, with a new batch of songs, accompanied by a group of top musicians, and always remaining faithful to the characteristics that we know best.

In 2014, under the pseudonym The Night Street Band, the cd “Amber Dawn” reached some notoriety in South Africa, Japan and in two radio stations in Boston (USA).
And when least expected he would return, behold, through the hand of guitarist and producer Chico Martins, José Cid in Mário Mata’s life appears. And in 2016, by the hand of Cid himself (who signs the production) comes the CD “Regresso”, a mix of renewed old themes and some originals that brought back the “old” Mário, renewed, but faithful to what he always was: a spirit rebellious and unsubmissive, attentive but never worshipful or obligated.

Since 2016, Mário Mata has participated in the tours of his friend José Cid with great success.
In 2021, Mário Mata returned to music publishing with the single “Pouco Me Importa”, edited by Glam Music.

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