Alkateya born in the spring of 1986 in Lisbon. The founder member was ex-Sepulcro guitarrist Beto. He meets Paulo Martins bass, and at the old theater Image, they started to compose some songs, leaving the vocalizations in charge of an Paulo`s friend.

Several auditions were made to find a drummer, and by an amateur actor who also practiced at the same theater with a scenic group, is indicated José Castro (ex-TNT). With the continued rehearsals, it became evident the inability of the singer, to achieve the objectives of the group they began looking for a replacement.

Beto risks to invite João Pinto, brother of former Sepulcro vocalist. In the same year, with this line up, they performed for the first time, at the School of Belas Artes in Lisbon, and soon after a concert organized to prevent the eviction of the old theater where they rehearse. Unfortunately, this initiative came to nothing and they were dumped. In the new rehearsal room, the group prepare their 1st demo, which would be recorded in studios Musicorde, in November 1986.

In just 4 hours they recorded and mixed 4 tracks: “Exodus”, “Alkateya”, “Nightmare” and “Rock On, Roll Out”. In March 1st 1987, Alkateya make the first visit to the famous venue Rock Rendez Vous. In December 1987 they recorded their 2nd demo tape, which included 3 songs: “Star Riders”, “Old Man”, “The Call & The Crash (All Men Stand Still)”. The band play again at Rock Rendez Vous on March 6th 1988 and insured the first part of the presentation concert of Ibéria`s debut album, on December 3rd 1988 at the Ginásio Atlético Clube, Baixa Da Banheira. Shortly after José Castro leaves the band and between January 14th and 15th 1989 auditions are made to find a replacement, that would be Manuel Animal (ex-Sepulcro).

Again at Musicorde studios they registered, on December 1989, what would be their 3rd demo tape. Released at the beginning of 1990 the demo “Face To Face” included 3 new songs: “Face To Face (We Are One)”, “Demon Rider” and “Lusitania I (Mare Clausum-Ruler Of The Seas)”.

After the band hit the road on a mini tour along with The Coven. With Wild Shadow, Alkateya played their last gig and the last metallic session at Rock Rendez Vous, February 18th 1990. On April 1990 Manuel Animal leaves the band, because of marriage reasons. The band splits in 1991. In 2003, João Pinto decided to self released for the first time on CD and remastered, a compilation with the 3 demos, entitled “RePlay”. The enthusiastic reactions of “Replay” CD, were clear evidence that the large base of loyal admirers of Alkateya remained unchanged and, more than ever, looking forward to an actual meeting of the band.

Alkateya then returns with the classic line up: João Pinto vocals, Beto guitar, Paulo Martins bass and Manuel Animal drums and later reinforced by guitarist João Coutinho. The reunion gig takes place at Paradise Garage, Lisbon, November 23rd 2003, inserted in a solidarity concert to Metal photographer Cameraman Metálico. João Coutinho is replaced by Nuno Duarte in January 2004. The band plays live several times. But due to musical differences Beto leaves the band in May 2004, and was replaced by a guitarist Alexandre Domingues.

In November 2004 Nelson Canário (ex-Rebellion) joined the group as second vocalist, but the following year began tragically, following a serious road accident, Paulo Martins loses a leg. However the band participated in television programs, festivals and opened for Judas Priest at the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon, April 13rd 2005. Nelson Canário leaves the band and on April 2006, they released their debut album through Greek Eat Metal Records. “Lycanthropy” contained nine cuts, being “Street Survivor (s)” a reinterpretation of Sepulcro`s old classic, guitarrist Beto ex-band, Manuel and vocalist Miguel Pinto, João Pinto brothers.

The band ends its activities in March 5th 2007, with a statement announced by João Pinto. Alkateya returns in 2013 with Beto and Pedro Mateus (Gargula) on guitars, Manel “Animal” on drums and Pedro Mendes (Gargula) on bass; Beto leaves in late 2014 and was replaced by João Caixinha, after that gave some concerts in 2015 and will celebrate in 2016, 30 years of career.

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